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WWW.CRUISECONTROLRADIO.COM On this hour of Cruise Control with Fred and Les Jackson

Getting down to business before the break, the Senate passes the energy bill and at looks like the President will sign it.

Manufacturers are already talking about dropping fuel inefficient models. We take a look into the future the US Auto Industry

Teaming UP: Seems like its all the rage,the details on a possible link up between a Domestic and a Import manfacturer. And a new pickup partnership product for US Roadways.

First Drive: We get behind the wheel of the full Malibu line up this week and will have some feed back for you.

Plus Mustang Mixology and a cupe gets glassed over.

Keywords: Energy Bill, CAFE, 35 MPG, Imports, Domestics, Suzuki,Nissan, Chrysler, Malibu, 2009 Mustang

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