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A Cursive Memory - EVERYTHING

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The California Band "A Cursive Memory" filmed their paparazzi inspired music video for their song "Everything" and were even captured being rejected by some celebs like Kevin Connolly from HBO's Entourage on TMZ.  The finished video turned out pretty cool and is getting airplay on MTV TRL. We like the Bandarazzi guerilla style video because it shows the media's fascination with celebrity and some of the chaos associated with it including a shot of Britney Spears being taken to the mental psychiatric ward.

Check for cameos from celebs like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan,Nick Cannon,,Jerry Springer, Kim Khardashian, Suge Knight,Tobey  Maguire. A Cursive Memory music video for EVERYTHING from the album CHANGES. In stores 02/19/08.