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2.97 "Design-a-palooza" was offered for the first time during IAP 2008. The class encouraged students to develop their own design processes through several design challenges.

The first challenge asked students to design a device which would protect an egg dropped 21 stories from the top of MIT's Green Building. The device also needed to drop as quickly as possible without compromising the egg.

2.97 Students: Katherine Choi, Matt Ciborowski, David Foster, Andi Gelb, Tylor Hess, Eugene Jang, Petek Saracoglu, Xindi Song, Alex St. Claire, Joshua Velasquez, Nathan Wang 2.97

Teaching Staff: Taylor Roan, Maria Yang, Jasmin Baek, Linda Liu

Still Photographer: Helen Tsai
Videographer: Joshua Velasquez

High-definition footage used in this video is available upon request at no charge for non-profit or educational use.

Produced by Joshua Velasquez for MIT Mechanical Engineering
Copyright MMVIII