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PRI's The World: Global Hit

PRI's The World: Global Hit

A daily spotlight on international musical artists and trends. Created by host Marco Werman, the Global Hit features interviews with ...

This is what happens when hip-hop collides with the War on Terrorism

Author Hisham Aidi talks with host Marco Werman about his new book 'Rebel Music Race, Empire and the New Muslim Youth Culture.' Aidi ...

La Vida Boheme provides the soundtrack to Venezuela's protest movement

An album released by a Venezuelan band nearly a year ago is inspiring the growing protests in Venezuela. The group's lyrics seem to capture ...

How a Lebanese singer got a Hollywood gig singing 'White Rabbit' in 'American Hustle'

The version of Jefferson Airplane's classic psychedelic tune 'White Rabbit' gets a new set of Arabic lyrics in the Oscar-nominated film ...

Flamenco music legend Paco de Lucía dies at 66

The late Paco de Luca was a legendary Flamenco guitarist. In 2012, de Luca spoke to The World before a concert in Boston about his love of ...

Carnival celebrations are underway in Haiti, with a surprise band from Canada

Mardi Gras is not until next Tuesday. But if you're in Haiti, you could be forgiven for thinking that Carnival's been going on for several ...

A beloved Iranian singer releases a music video in support of gay rights

Googoosh is a well-know Iranian singer whose career in her country ended with the Islamic revolution in Iran. Now recording in the US, she ...

Why this violinist wants to change the theme song to 'Game of Thrones'

Acclaimed violinist Lara St. John is an avid fan of 'Game of Thrones.' But episode after episode, she got fed up with the theme song which ...

'Japan's Beethoven' may not be deaf, and admits paying someone to write his music

Famed composer Mamoru Samuragochi, known as 'Japan's Beethoven' because he claims to be deaf, has admitted that he paid a ghost writer to ...

'Haiti Direct' is a new collection of dance tunes from the golden age

Record producer Fred Paul and band manager Ulrich Pierre Louis have released a new collection of Haitian dance music from 60s and 70s. It's ...

For Christine Salem, it's percussion where she really feels like her soul

Christine Salem is a percussionist and she sings, too. But it's the percussion that, as she says, really feels like her soul.

What's 'forbidden' about this avant-Arabic ensemble from Vancouver?

10 Vancouver musicians from across this spectrum have gotten together to apply their chops to music from the Arabic-speaking world. The ...

What would Genghis Khan rock to if he could? Mongolian folk metal

If Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol empire and fearsome military leader, were alive today, what kind of tunes would he be listening to A ...