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Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves is your perfect travel partner, guiding you through his favorite European cities, villages and off-the-beaten-path destinations ...

Dubrovnik and Balkan Side-Trips (Full Episode) Season 6, Episode 3

Exploring parts of Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia, we'll get to know the three major groups of the former YugoslaviaCroats, Serbs, and ...

Croatia: Adriatic Delights (Full Episode) Season 6, Episode 2

Exploring Croatia, we'll see the Pearl of the Adriatic, sample some island charm, wander Roman ruins, and hike through a watery wonderland. ...

Denmark Beyond Copenhagen (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 11

Denmark is small, flat and really well-organized. While its capital city Copenhagen is a thriving metropolis and the country has a vigorous ...

Copenhagen (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 10

This time we're tasting, pedaling, and cruising our way through Scandinavia's most fun-loving capital Copenhagen.

Greece's Peloponnese (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 9

Island getaways are fun, but the real heart of Greece is found in the Peloponnese Peninsula. Its wild, mountainous landscape has hosted the ...

Athens and Side Trips (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 8

At a time when Rome was just a village, it was here in Athens that the foundations of our Western civilization were laid. And today, in the ...

Vienna and the Danube (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 6

This time we're celebrating the good life in Vienna elegant parks, romantic Danube River, imperial art collections, great music. After ...

Great Swiss Cities (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 5

Whether enjoying traditional culture high in the mountains or savoring the joys of modern life in its great cities, the Swiss get it right. ...

The Czech Republic Beyond Prague (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 7

To get a fair look at any country, you need to venture beyond its dominant city. Here in the Czech Republic there's a world of cultural ...

Little Europe: Five Micro-Countries (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 4

Europe's 'microstates' are scattered far and wide. We'll start at Vatican City, drop by San Marino, hike up to Liechtenstein, speed over to ...

Barcelona and Catalunya (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 3

Barcelona is Spain's capital of the proud and distinct region of Catalunya. With Franco's fascism now long gone, Catalan's creative and ...

France's Dordogne (Full Episode) Season 5, Episode 2

The Dordogne River Valley with its dramatic castles, pre-historic cave paintings, and prized cuisine is an unforgettable blend of man-made ...