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Stories and features focused on issues shaping life in the Northwest.

NASA Goes Swimming To Ready For Space

Why Do We Need To Fix The Seawall Today the City Council is expected to approve a ballot measure to raise taxes to pay for fixing Seattle's ...

Kenneth Feinberg: Who Gets What?

For over 10 years Kenneth Feinberg has been the person who decides how to divide and distribute financial compensation after great ...

When Are You Ready To Stay Home Alone?

There is no law in Washington state regarding how old a child must be to be left home alone, but if something happens to an unsupervised ...

Washington Freed From No Child Left Behind Law

Washington Freed From No Child Left Behind Law Washington state received a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind Act. But in ...

What's Next For Public Radio?

The longstanding hosts of NPR's show quotCar Talkquot are retiring. Who or what should take their place What new shows would you like to ...

The Seattle Times Editor David Boardman On The Future Of Newspapers

Many daily newspapers are struggling in the face of declining ad revenues and circulation. Recently the New Orleans TimesndashPicayune ...

Naveen Jain On Innovation

Great ideas can change the world. Why aren't there more of them Our guest today says businesses and society could be doing a lot more to ...

City Councilman Nick Licata On The New Arena

City Councilman Nick Licata On The New Arena This afternoon a City Council committee begins deliberations on Chris Hansen's proposal for a ...

Is Microsoft Going Down?

Vanity Fair contributing editor Kurt Eichenwald says Microsoft has made some astonishingly foolish management decisions that could lead to ...

John Irving On His New Novel: 'In One Person'

In his 13th novel, quotIn One Person,quot John Irving tells the story of a bisexual man's life as a quotsexual suspect,quot from his youth ...

Living In A White City

Census figures show Seattle is one of the whitest cities in the country. What does that mean What's it like to live in such a white city We ...

Seattle's Lindy West On Lindy West

From 2005 to this year, Lindy West wrote manic, referencendashladen articles in The Stranger, where she became film editor in 2009. Lindy ...