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Parks and Recreation

Parks And Recreation

Leslie Knope takes on the system in Pawnee, IN.

Best Friends Forever and Ever (Clip) Season 6, Episode 12

On the eve of Ann's departure from Pawnee, Leslie reluctantly says goodbye to her best friend in the entire world.

A Chard Day's Night (Clip) Season 6, Episode 11

Leslie is willing to do whatever she can to shut down a lewd chard vendor at the Farmers Market, but Ben has no legal grounds to stand on.

Ben the Prankster (Clip) Season 6, Episode 10

Ben attempts a revenge prank on April and Donna, but he totally 'Ben's it up'.

Councilman Dexhardt Is a Bad Boy (Clip) Season 6, Episode 9

Watching a sex scandal press conference, Leslie hatches a scheme to get herself reinstated into the Pawnee City Council.

Introducing Drinkems (Clip) Season 6, Episode 7

Feeding Pawnee's antiquated fear of fluoride in the water supply, Jamm proposes that Sweetums pipes sugar water into every Pawnee home.

Ben Invents the Cones of Dunshire (Clip) Season 6, Episode 8

During his week off between jobs, Ben becomes obsessed with creating a new role-playing game called 'The Cones of Dunshire.'

Leslie Jams Jamm's Jam (Clip) Season 6, Episode 5

When Councilman Jamm tries to spoil the recall vote with an emergency council meeting, Leslie steps in with the ultimate filibuster.

The Idea of the Century (Clip) Season 6, Episode 7

After a bout of heavy drinking, Ben and Leslie concoct the idea of the century.

Pump up the Jamm (Clip) Season 6, Episode 4

Councilman Jamm organizes a city council hearing to escalate Donna's unfortunate Twitter debacle into a full-blown scandal.

Make New Friends and Ditch the Old (Clip) Season 6, Episode 3

Feeling abandoned by her Pawnee friends, Leslie tries to make the Eagleton doppelgangers her new besties.

Pawnee Rules and Eagleton Drools (Clip) Season 6, Episode 2

Leslie, Ben and Chris attempt to bail Eagleton out of a financial crisis, but not before Leslie has her day in the sun.

It's a Nice Day for a Swanson Wedding (Clip) Season 6, Episode 1

After he learns that Diane is pregnant, Ron arranges for a hasty wedding, catching Leslie completely off guard.