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Jennifer Jones & Partners

Jennifer Jones & Partners

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Mobile Marketing: Latest Trends And Applications By Dorrian Porter CEO Of Mozes

Mozes, a leader in mobile audience engagement, works with companies who are interested in sophisticated mobile marketing. CEO Dorrian ...

Facebook Friends Become Most Important To Marketers: 33Across's CEO Eric Wheeler Speaks Out On ...

33Across, a social targeting platform, has developed new technology called SocialDNA that uses social graph data to dramatically improve ...

XA CEO Rob Leathern On Building Better ROI With Advertising

10/09/11 has deep expertise and legacy experience in display having managed all of Zyngas display advertising and believes the world of ...

Virtual Marketing: What Works? Insights Of Expert Joerg Rathenberg Of Intercall

Joerg Rathenberg VP of Product for Intercall talks with me about the latest in virtual marketing. Intercall just completed a study of ...

How To Gauge Social Marketing Success Today: Ceo Brad Klaus Of Extole

2011 is the year that 70 of marketers plan to increase their social marketing budget by more than 10 according to a Mashable/Effie poll by ...

Erik Luhrs Author of “Be Do Sale” Says The USP Is Dead: What's Next?

Marketer and author Erik Luhrs believes that the USP is dead. USP stands for unique selling proposition, and Erik believes its being ...

Social Marketing to the Business Customer: Eric Schwartzman's Newest Book

Eric Schwartzman released a new book a few months ago called Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Eric speaks to how B2B is hot now, ...

Guy Kawasaki's Newest Book: Enchantment: How Can You Become More Influential?

Enchantment8211 captivation a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual. How can you become more enchanting In his newest ...

Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group: Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist

The corporate social strategist role is at a crossroads. They have challenges that are hurting their progress. In a recent report by ...