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Duke Nukem - Grab Bag. Guitar Cover - Smokeycow

duke nukem forever - hail to the king duke nukem guitar cover - grab bag. My twitter link below Although I play the lead ...

Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer Analysis

call of duty modern warfare 3 with smokeycow In this video i take a look at the reveal trailer for modern warfare 3. Looks like a good step ...

Upcoming Game Speculation - Smokeycow

twitter - everything in this video is purely speculative modern warfare 3 leaks source site modern warfare 3 ...

Dave and Stu Play Portal 2, Part 6 - The Burning Question

dave and stu play portal 2, part 6 - the burning question portal 2 portal 2 live walkthrough with me and my homeslice stu. we understand ...

The Sims 3 - Osama Bin Laden Gets Integrated

the sims 3 gameplay in this video i recreate osama bin laden in sims 3 - looks and personality. i think i came pretty close. we shall soon ...

How To Play A Mage! At Least 85K DPS Guaranteed - WoW

05/06/11 world of warcraft cataclysm - how to play a mage with smokeycow. after spending many long evening studying the ins and outs ...

Cenarion Hatchling, Japan Relief Pet - World Of Warcraft

EU store US store Use the link above to support My twitter link is below After picking up ...

Dave & Stu Play Portal 2, Part 4 - /Facepalm

Dave Stu Play Portal 2, Part 4 - /Facepalm previous episode stu's channel portal 2 portal ...

Portal 2 Easter Egg - The Turret Song. Chapter 3, Chamber 16, Secret Area

04/26/11 portal 2 gameplay portal 2 easter egg thats on chamber 16. A complete walkthrough of this chapter should be coming ...

Stu and Dave play Portal 2 Part 2 - Speedy Thing Falls In Water

portal 2 gameplay video - filmed from stu's perspective so i hope you enjoy the higher quality graphics

Portal 2 - Pwning Somethingverygeneric On Chamber 10 - Speedplay

portal 2 gameplay/speedplay lowreh posted a faster time than me yesterday so i thought it only polite to post this today D. i know i can go ...

Portal 2 - Pwning Hutch On Chamber 10 (60 seconds)

This is a response to the following video portal 2 gameplay/speed run i had a look at the level and thought ...