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a buddybeer outreach in the city of nottingham, england

i really like certain web apps and when i do i want to make sure they succeed. it's just something i do. the fact that this is an app about ...

what a heck of a second week of february. ..

i'm whacked. need to bolster my energy levels.

the pcmupdate for fibrecamp nottingham - february 2012

so we had two months of intense self reflection about how to get things more streamlined - how to make sure that things ran better and how ...

the iklip ipad mike stand - great for teleprompter use with ipad

for the longest time we have been using an ipad on the side and it causes problems because we lose the shot with the person moving to look ...

using the elgato turbo 264 HD with your old mac pro or macbook pro laptops

my mac pro is over five years old now and compressing hd videos can be quite the chore as my cpus are really quite old now and are really ...

sending your pictures via email from instagram to your kodakpulse picture frame

messing around in the instagram settings i noticed that you can send your picture via email - this is really useful with the kodakpulse ...

the griffin survivor case for the ipad2 and the case mate 'tank for the iphone4

i wanted to show you both cases that protect my ipad2 and the iphone4 that i carry with me 'ontheground' - after smashing my ipad2 at ...

gather for co-tender introduction - 10th of January

01/06/12 i want to gather together 6-10 people who are fantastic in their own right about the work they do and build an easy to use ...

the digital advent calendar | ep 31 | happy new year!

i hope you have a safe transition into 2012 and the new year. it's been brilliant to test myself with the regular output of the advent ...

the digital advent calendar | ep 30 | qr codes, random targets and tracking for 2012

i personally think that qr codes, scanning and mobile phone usage is on the edge of exploding more than it is already after this years ...