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With more than 50 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the world's largest news site on social media, technology and digital culture.

Karmin: YouTube Stars Want You to #DreamBig

Mashable's Brian Anthony Hernandez sat down with music duo Karmin to talk about how they engage with fans on social media, and how it felt ...

AVA 500: This Robot Could Revolutionize Telecommuting

This is telecommuting brought to the next level. Do you think this can be used as a viable alternative for a human presence to save on ...


We're taking food porn to the next level to celebrate National Doughnut Day. For more random knowledge, subscribe to Mashable at the link ...

Apple WWDC: What to Expect

Mashable hosted a Google+ Hangout Friday, June 7, to discuss the biggest news to expect out of Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC, ...

7 Things You Didn't Know About Starbucks

Turns out, it wasn't really named after Moby Dick. Also, can you believe a latte costs almost 10 in some parts of the world For more random ...

I 3D Printed a Gun

Follow Travis Lerol as he tests the Liberator, the world's first downloadable gun. We talk to Travis and Cody Wilson, the Liberator's ...

Sifteo Cubes: Are They Better Than iPad Games?

These interactive cubes are marketed as the next big thing in children's toys. Do you think they'll be able to break into the lucrative ...

Xbox One: What We Know

We hosted a Google+ Hangout to discuss Microsoft's unveiling of its newest gaming console, the Xbox One. The conversation ranged from ...

Google Glass From the '90s - R-Zone Prank

Google Glass isn't the first wearable tech on the block. We got our hands on an R-Zone - a crappy, head-mounted gaming platform from the ...

March for Innovation: Immigration Reform

Mashable hosted a Google+ Hangout featuring Mashable reporter Alex Fitzpatrick and Steve Case, AOL cofounder and chairman of The Case ...

Lulz Liberator 3D-Printed Gun Demo

The 'Lulz Liberator,' a plastic gun made on a 3D-printer, is seen firing 9 shots after appearing to break on its first attempt. This ...

Google I/O: What We've Learned

Mashable hosted a Google+ Hangout on Friday, May 17, to discuss and analyze some of the biggest announcements out of Google I/O, including ...