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LG G Flex Review - Can You Handle These Curves?

The first LG curved phones have begun to ship. We took a look at their first model in this category, the LG G Flex. For more smartphone ...

8 Life Lessons From TV Dads

Can you identify all the TV dads in this clip Homer Simpson has an entirely different perspective on life than Don Draper and Mike Brady, ...

Mario Kart Wii U Hands On | E3 2013

Mario Kart Wii U continues the epic racing franchise, including such staples as hangliders, underwater racing, and bringing in new elements ...

Outlast is SCARY (and free) | E3 2013

The scariest game at E3 will also be free on the Playstation 4 it's Outlast, a game that has users traipsing around an abandoned asylum ...

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Which Console Wins?

Mashable hosted a Google+ Hangout Friday, June 14, to discuss some of the latest Xbox One and PlayStation 4 news, including price, games ...

Who is the Black Mask? Batman: Arkham Origins | E3 2013

Batman Arkham City looks to build on the success of its predecessors. We spoke with the game's Creative Director about its mysterious ...

Customize Mad Max's Car | E3 2013

It's official Mad Max - the road warrior - returns in his own video game in 2014. We spoke with one of of the game's designers about ...

Tearaway rips at the fabric of digital, reality | E3 2013

We're hands on with Tearaway on the PS Vita. With its paper animation, haptic touch interface, and camera integration, Tearaway looks to ...

Xbox One Unveils 13 Exclusive New Games at E3 2013

Microsoft will unveil 13 games this year. What are you looking forward to most Let us know in the comments. For more gaming coverage, ...

Sony PS4 Revealed: E3 2013

Will the PS4 trounce the Xbox with its lower price point and new features Let us know what you think in the comments. For more gaming ...

What Do Apple Customers Think of the New Releases?

Do they know what 'maverick' means We stood outside an Apple Store in San Francisco and asked customers what they think of the new ...

Will The Lonely Island's New Album Top 'Dick in a Box'?

The geniuses behind 'Dick in a Box' and 'I'm on a Boat' talk about The Wack Album. Mashable reporter Brian Anthony Hernandez interviews ...