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Carmine Gallo on better selling, passion and the power of three #leweb

The most important points for a presentation that sells your idea, product or service. 1. words and you remember 10 add a picture we ...

Recipay introduces platform for paid user generated content in the food - Barbara Buchel #leweb

At LeWeb Recipay has a booth as a startup that launched only 5 months ago and is already making money. They sell user generated content. An ...

Ramon De Leon on the next 10 years - watch the babies #leweb #RamonWOW

Ramon De Leon opens day 2 of leweb full of energy RamonWOW Ramon De Leon talks about the next 10 years and who the babies that are born ...

Jeremiah Owyang - Is your company ready for the next 10 years #leweb

The Next 10 years - as the crowd get more involved in the corporate world.

Tony Tjan talks about the DNA of the entrepreneur #leweb

His company did an extensive research on the basic triads of the entrepreneurship. There are 4 traits Hart, Smarts, Guts and Luck. Today it ...

Live Q&A with Guy Kawasaki in a small setting at #leweb

Guy answer questions from 50 or so people in a small room. Questions about his book APE, about publishing, entrepreneurship, spending time, ...

Guy Kawasaki's 3 important tips for entrepreneurs with Loic Le Meur #leweb

guykawasaki in conversation with loic at Le Web 2013 - the 10th Le Web Guy also talks about his NPR model. Send out great content there you ...

#leweb opening - @loic Le Meur gives the Silicon Valley Trends

slides Short video of the opening Leweb where loic le Meur gives the trends from...

Don't have the time to keep up with your connections? These new LinkedIn features can help you

LinkedIn introduced new features that will help you to build better connections even when you do...

Why most coaches don't even make minimum wage - Rich Coach Poor Coach

I just read the book 'Rich dad, Poor dad'. I know. What took me so long While reading this book I recognize ...

4 stages to become the No.1 coaching business in your niche

This channel is for you when you want to make your coaching business No.1 in your niche with social media. Hi, my name is Erno...

Social media is not likes and shares - it's creation

Your channel can only be build when you create content. Sharing is fun and easy. Creating media is also...