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Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 44] Vs. Flint, Lucian, and Cynthia [HD]

yes in this video i take on the other half of the elite four and i take on the champion and there may be credits in this video but don't be ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 43] Vs Aaron and Bertha! [HD]

so in this video i take on my rival and does he need to train more, well just wait and see. and then i start taking on the pokemon league ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 42] Earthquake Difficulties! [HD]

so in this video i continue to take on victory road and yes there will be a bit of difficulties involving earthquake to deal with, trust me ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 41] Road to the Pokemon League [HD]

yes, in this video start heading out on the road or more like the sea so that i can go to the sinnoh region pokemon league. and i spend ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 40] Backtracking Galore! [HD]

yep this video is pretty much backtracking and nothing else, but i promise my next video will have actual progress. Part 40 enjoy Game made ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 39] Vs. Gym Leader Volkner! [HD]

so in this video i continue to take on the 8th gym and i take on the gym leader who's name is Volkner and the battle will be electrifyingly ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 38] Sunyshore city at last! [HD]

so in this video i continue to take on route 222 and then i make my way into Sunyshore city and i start taking on the 8th and final gym, ...

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 Overworld Extended [HD]

yes, i decided to upload another VG song extension and i will be uploading 1 video game song extension every Friday or atleast i will try ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 37] Catching the Lake Trio! [HD]

so yes in this video i catch the lake trio legendaries at lake variety,valor,and acuity. i might as well catch them, i do like to catch all ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 36] Catching Giratina! [HD]

so in this video i battle Cyrus for the final time in the game and then i battle with the legendary pokemon 'Giratina' and i will catch it. ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 35] What a strange world! [HD]

It sure is a strange world that i take on in this video but i dont finish it in this video because i want to take on Cyrus at the beginning ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 34] Double Commander Battle! [HD]

so in this i am at the top of mt.coronet and i battle 2 galactic grunts and then me and my rival Mario team up to battle both commander ...