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Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 55] Catching Heatran! [HD]

so in this video i take on one more battle in the survival area cafe and then i go back to stark mountain to catch heatran and then i go on ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 54] Time for some gym leader rematches! [HD]

yes in this video i make it to survival area and i go into a cafe where gym leaders and really good trainers hang out and yes i get to re ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 53] Arresting team galactic at long last! [HD]

so in this video i take on the rest of stark mountain and stay tuned for the arresting of team galactic in stark mountain. its something ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 52] Teaming up in stark mountain! [HD]

so in this video i take on stark mountain and i team up with buck and i take on many double battles within the cave, so many challenges ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 51] Goodbye Commander Mars and Jupiter! [HD]

so in this video i go on to route 226 and i go to route 227 and i make my way to stark mountain and when i enter stark mountain, i see ...

Super Bomberman 5 Music - Stage 2 Theme Extended [HD]

so here another song extension of a super bomberman 5 song. so i am going to upload a video game song extension every friday and yes i will ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 50] Catching Regirock! [HD]

so in this video i finish taking on route 229 and then i move on to route 228 and i battle plenty of trainers which at this point would be ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 49] Catching Registeel! [HD]

yep i start this video off by catching Registeel in the iron island cave and then i go over to fight area and then i take on route 230 and ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 48] Catching Regice! [HD]

so in this video i take on route 224 which is outside of victory road and i take on all the trainers on that route, then i go to the snow ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 47] Return to victory road! [HD]

so in this video i have returned to victory road but this time i will be going in the area i couldn't go to before all because a fat guy ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 46] Catching Dialga and Palkia! [HD]

so yes i start this video with catching Dialga and Palkia which are the legendary pokemon from diamond and pearl and then i get the rest of ...

Let's play Pokemon Platinum [Part 45] A double battle to remember! [HD]

so in this video i start taking on post game stuff and today i get on a boat at Snow point city and i go to the battle frontier but before ...