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The Haunting Tape 35.1 (Ghost caught on Video)

I decided to record video and explain the cult more with some of the rituals that I have found when the ghost started to become very ...

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The Haunting Video Tape 34 The Demon Cult (ghost caught on video)

The ghost or demon thing made the lamp move and I saw her and the dark demon like mass on the recording before this tape. I sat down after ...

The Haunting Video Tape 33 (Ghost caught on video)

I think I have figured it out. The ghost or haunting is only part of a larger plan for these paranormal events. After researching for hours ...

The Haunting Video Tape 32 "The Bottle Returns" (Ghost caught on videotape)

The ghost is transforming into something much more and I found the bottle in this video. It was broken. Did a demon escape for it Is this ...

The Haunting Video Tape 31 (ghost caught on video)

I grabbed the camera and thought I would just record some strange sounds but the paranormal event with the ghost girl took on a different ...

The Haunting Video Tape 30 (ghost caught on video)

This video documents more of the paranormal activity that has been happening. the real ghost girl is back in this video. I did not see her ...

Real ghost girl caught on video Tape 29 (The Haunting)

This video documents the scary paranormal activity that has been going on in my home. The ghost girl is back even after we moved. I did not ...

Real ghost girl caught on video Tape 28 (The Haunting)

In this video I think about what to do with the bottle. I think its haunted by a ghost or ghosts. The weird thing is every time I get near ...

Real ghost girl caught on video tape 27 (The Haunting)

This video documents the haunting and ghost activity that has been happening at my residence. The ghost girl appeared on this video and I ...

Real ghost girl caught on video Tape 26 (The Haunting)

In this video I take the suggestion and play the ghost tape I found backwards. Some video creepy and paranormal stuff happens. I now know ...

The Haunting Tape 25 (Real Ghost girl caught on video)

The ghost I think has something to do with the DVD I found. The strange bottle was thrown at me after I watched the video and the ...