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National Geographic Travel

National Geographic Travel

Travel videos from National Geographic.

Road Trip: the Hidden Oases and Beautiful Beaches of Oman (Clip) Season -1

The blue water of the Arabian Sea is a startling backdrop to a long drive along the coast of Oman. From Salalah in the south to Musandam in ...

Guess Where You Are in 60 Seconds (#4) (Clip) Season -1

You have 60 Can you guess the location featured in this videoHint The citys name is a reference to when it was discovered.

Yellowstone in Winter: -20°F to 200°F (Clip) Season -1

Take a stroll through the ice and snow in the world's first national park and see one of the rarest natural phenomenons takes place in even ...

Yak Polo Draws Tourists to Remote Pakistan Village (Clip) Season -1

In Pakistan's remote Broghil Valley, locals have come up with an unusual sporting event to attract tourists. Each year, they hold a polo ...

Road Trip: Travel Through Scenic Montana in 90 Seconds (Clip) Season -1

Hitch a ride through Big Sky Country with Nat Geo Travel and get inspired to take a road trip of your own.

With Horses' Help, Army Veteran Finds Healing in Yellowstone (Clip) Season -1

To inspire others to help overcome their struggles, Green Beret and Army veteran Ray Knell embarked on a 1,000-mile ride along the ...

Unsurprisingly, American Explorer Terrible at Milking Cows (Clip) Season -1

Cross-cultural explorer and National Geographic grantee Chris Bashinelli tried to live as Mongolian nomad for a month and found himself ...

Caught in an Underwater Avalanche (Clip) Season -1

Follow Kenny Broad, an environmental anthropologist and National Geographic Expeditions Council grantee, as he explores a narrow underwater ...

Decades Later, Photographer Searches for Gandhi’s Legacy (Clip)

Rena Effendi reflects on Gandhis lingering, and dwindling, influence in modern-day India.

Photographing the “Living Goddesses” of Nepal (Clip)

For National Geographic magazine, photographer Stephanie Sinclair chronicled the lives of kumarisyoung girls who are taken out of school ...

Cheating Death On the Amazon (Clip)

West Hansen leads the first ever attempt to paddle the entire Amazon River from its newly discovered headwatersbut not without facing the ...

Amazing Drone Footage of Nubian Pyramids (Clip)

Armed with a remotely operated mini-helicopter, National Geographic engineer Alan Turchik gets a birds-eye view of 3,000-year-old royal ...