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1st Act Nobody Pwns WebVideo Y.T. President random Message G*d in The Machine UtubiaPresident

Surreal satire Freedom of religious expression, how you worship or believe in God gd 'god' a god, the god, it god. god-like godly holy ...

Comment welcome esp. Smart constructive Talk ONGOING Book parallel 2 Video Level of things

This is about the texting realm of youtubia. The typed-in comments from the peanut gallery are very amusing. thanks for all the memories It ...

WWIII Analysis Rus. Ukraine Crimea Cuba Empire ColdWar Israel Iran Syria don't take Sides here

Tensions remained high in Ukraine's Crimea region on Tuesday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin saying he reserves the right to use ...

Topic driven System Whos Popular Viral active top Views not true reality MSM cult Fakeness

You don't exist. Kill your TV now kill your Internet opEd former President of Youtube, the Utubia-President Youtubia community original ...

Armed 2nd Amendment Not Fully Enacted Yet must B! Let struggle Bloodshed ensue Defense Revolution

My stance is stated herein, even if not so clearly. Some of you may get the point loud and clear. Gun rights, sovereignty, individual ...

BibleOrigin Ancient SecretDoctrine Spirit Truth soul Hindu Judaic Atlantis SchemeDispensation

Comparing Religion playlist Comparative study of religions and their common origins, the ancient past, prehistory of present civilization. ...

World Instability EXPANDING EARTH 250mill.Cycle Radical shift? Polar Seafloor HOLLOWearth

Argument for theory of Expanding Earth, concludes with brainteaser is about Pangaea supercontinent EnternetGlobal Television Science series ...

Y Seek Hid InREality Digress Multi Covert Evils NOW, Ancient past Cosmologies, Plan Practical path

Finding the mystery conspiracy does not necessarily start us with any goal driven path to follow. what is the point of trying to know what ...

13+ Contaminated! N.M. Carlsbad Nuclear Leak WIPP radiation Fire Roof-Collapse Coverup?

What is going on over in New Mexico Is there a continuing radiation leakage or not Headed towards the area of Carlsbad NM, white sands ...

Cosmic Enigma perplexes my MIND Microcosm vs. Macrocosm Fractal within. MYSTEREY1

Strange trippy twilight zone realization. I dare you to try to dismiss this. I can contemplate this for years... ...

E.M.F. ElectroMagnetic radiation Detector (not a Geiger counter)

Mystical Hard Science This is the handy gadget I've been tinkering with. It is a device for the detection and measuring of EMF ...

News-On: CurrencyWars BitCoin legendary Mt.Gox Down

BitCoin continues to be Challenged. Bitcoin if you have not heard yet, is the biggest alternative currency of the world, not centralized ...