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Jersey Shore -- Ruining Italy for Everyone (Myspace Exclusive)

TMZ has learned that the Jersey Shore kids are heading to Florence, Italy for season 4. Turns out Mussolini may not be the worst thing to ...

Mark McGrath -- No Match for Gary Busey

Mark McGrath seems like a competent, intelligent young man... So how theHELL did Gary Busey end up outlasting him on quotCelebrity ...

Lane Garrison: Prisoners Love TMZ!

While in prison, Lane Garrison and all of his fellow inmates watched TMZevery day. So to pay tribute to our friends behind bars, we ...

Amanda Seyfried's Dead, Stuffed Horse

You know those adorable miniature ponies Amanda Seyfried just got oneExcept hers is dead, stuffed, and mounted in her living room.

Meteor Man -- Raging to Ke$ha

Remember Robert Townsend The quotMeteor Manquot himself resurfaced at an event in LA... and he had no problem absolutely rocking out to a ...

"Deadliest Catch" Guys -- Hunting for Crabs

The crew from quotDeadliest Catchquot hit up Hollywood... and it39d probably be in their best interest to not catch a different type of ...

The Secret Farter in the TMZ Newsroom

Serious allegations have surfaced that one of the bigwigs at TMZ has been secretly passing gas during the morning meeting. Is there enough ...

Eli Roth's Passover Snub

Eli Roth celebrated the first day of Passover with those closest tohim... however, he absolutely snubbed one his closest and oldestfriends

Mark Ballas & Pia Toscano -- Still Going Strong

Mark Ballas brought his new rumored flame, Pia Toscano from quotAmerican Idolquot, to his recent concert... but little does Mark know that ...

The TMZ Head Shave Challenge: The Aftermath

What started off as a friendly bet between two staffers ended with one member of the newsroom getting his head completely shaved

Danny DeVito RAGES at Coachella

Danny DeVito doesn39t mess around when it comes to concerts -- because the dude was absolutely raging his face off while at Coachella.

Dr. Rey Threatened with a Knife

Dr. Rey got into a little verbal scuffle with a guy outside of aHollywood club -- but things took a scary turn when the dude pulled out a ...