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TVE Asia Pacific

TVE Asia Pacific

TVE Asia Pacific Moving images moving people If a picture is worth a thousands words, video packs 24 images per . TVE Asia Pacific TVEAP ...

TVE Asia Pacific Films: Half the world, The whole story

This is a showreel that includes extracts from TVE Asia Pacific TVEAP's international television and video productions made between 2006 ...

Sir Arthur C Clarke: 90th Birthday Reflections

The world's best known writer of science fiction, Sir Arthur C Clarke was the first to propose satellite communications in 1945. One of his ...

Rethinking Carbon and Climate Change: Ranil Senanayake speaks

In search of planetary triggers that set off the current accelerated climate change, Systems Ecologist Dr Ranil Senanayake goes back five ...

Why we Need Environment Flows?

In many countries, rivers are dumping grounds for large amounts of wastewater and sewage. This causes tremendous stress on the natural ...

Revitalizing Asia's Irrigation

Dr Colin Chartres, Director General of the International Water Management Institute IWMI, talks about revitalizing Asia's irrigation. He ...

Water Storage: An Answer to Climate Change

Water storage is a key way that we can adapt against the threat of climate change in the future. Dr. Colin Chartres, Director General of ...

Six critical solutions to water scarcity & food insecurity

Can we grow enough food to feed our growing human numbers in a world that is running short of water and waming up at the same time How can ...

Children of Tsunami: No More Tears

They have never met each other. Some have never travelled beyond their native village. On December 26 2004, the sea rose and rose and took ...

Children of Tsunami: The Journey Continues

They have never met each other. Some have never travelled beyond their native village. They all belong to statistically average families in ...

Digits4Change: Moving Mountains

In Skardu in Northern Pakistan, we visit a tele-health project run by the Baltistan Health and Education Foundation that enables people to ...

Digits4Change: Connecting Islands

The worlds largest archipelago nation is using ICTs to make higher education available to all. In Jakarta, we visit Universitas Terbuka or ...

Digits4Change: Mission: Possible

India is already a global leader in information technology. Its sprawling IT campuses and industrial parks develop software for major ...