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Marie-Laure Norindr

Marie-Laure Norindr

Je suis Kayane, joueuse sponsorise par une quipe europenne Low Land Lions LLL de jeux de combat Soul Calibur et Super Street Fighter IV. ...

Kayane interview Katsuhiro Harada - Producteur Tekken

Voici l'interview que j'ai ralis du producteur de Tekken Katsuhiro Harada.Cela s'est droul lors du Japan Expo 2011, et a t film par ...

LLL Kayane (CHUN) VS eLive Yamazaki (Fei)

Solo tournament in winner bracket LLL Kayane Chun Li VS eLive Yamazaki Fei LongYamazaki wins 2-1.Follow me on twitter KayaneChannbsp

Stunfest 2K11 : Team Aurora VS Team UK

Team Aurora LLL Kayane as Chun, Joe Higaishi as Guile and MOV as Ken VS Team UK Fword as Ibuki, as Gouki, Yagami as Vipernbsp

Stunfest 2K11 : Team Aurora VS Team SDG

Team Aurora Joe Higaishi as Guile, LLL Kayane as Chun-Li and MOV as Ken VS Team SDG Team Aurora wins. Follow me on twitter KayaneChannbsp

Stunfest 2K11 : LLL Kayane (Chun) VS Team Kusanagi

Team Aurora LLL Kayane, Joe Higaishi and MOV VS Team Kusanagi Genki as Ryu, Vivio as Akuma, Kusanagi as Fei LLL Kayane from Team Aurora ...

Kayane in Soul Calibur IV Broken Destiny

Here is a video recorded by a SC player playing against the Kayane character made by Namco. This is the most beautiful gift for me as a ...

Kayane & Marvel Interview at Beat By Contest 2011

Here is an interview at Beat By Contest made by Geek Studio. You can follow their channel here, they're gonna post other videos later about ...

SSFIV Kayane (CH) vs BI.Luffy (RO) BeatByContest Pool 8

This is the final looser between Kayane Chun-Li and BI Luffy Rose in pool 8 of the Beat By Contest, an important international tournament ...

SSFIV Kayane (CH) vs SAKU (VI) BeatByContest Pool 8

This is a pool match between Kayane Chun-Li and Saku Viper in Pool 8 of the Beat By Contest Tournament, a big international tournament in ...

SC2 Finale WCG 2K4 : Kayane VS DTN

Here is the final between DTN and Kayane at the World Cyber Games tournament in Paris in 2004 at Soul Calibur 2. There arent the total ...

SC2 Team Tournament WCG 2004: Triade VS Temple

Here is a match between La Triade and Le Temple, the two best french teams at this period, we were great rivals. I play at the end and made ...

Kayane (Talim) VS DTN (Nightmare) Soul Calibur II at Japan Expo 2004

Here is a tournament match against the French SC2 Champion DTN Dan The Nightmare at Japan Expo 2004. I was 13years old at this period. DTN ...