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Loaded (SD)

Loaded (SD)

Loaded is your daily technology news show. Host Bridget Carey discusses the news and takes technology to the streets of New York City to ...

Loaded: Watch CNET Update!

Our new show, CNET Update, has launched. Visit to watch the show and subscribe.

Loaded: Get touchy with BlackBerry 10

The first phase of the Oracle v. Google trial heads to jury, Facebook adds an organ donor feature, and the next BlackBerry has a ...

Loaded: Microsoft's got the hots for Nook

Microsoft joins forces with the Nook, LG competes with iCloud and Dell says there's hot demand for the XPS 13 ultrabook. Visit ...

Loaded: CNET Update has launched!

Check out our brand new daily tech news show, CNET Update, at

One last time to get Loaded

A security flaw has been found in Android apps, Google+ gets mocked for its redesign, and we sign off our final episode of Loaded with big ...

Loaded: The battle over e-book prices

Nokia will pay for your Lumia 900, Jim Gaffigan follows the Louis C.K. do-it-yourself model, and the U.S. Department of Justice is suing ...

Loaded: Why Facebook snatched Instagram

Best Buy's CEO steps down, cell carriers join forces to fight crime, and Instagram fans threaten to quit after Facebook's 1 billion ...

Loaded: The Flashback phenomenon

Microsoft pays big bucks for AOL's patents, secure your name on whatever Zeen will be, and find out if your Mac is infected with Flashback.

Loaded: Would you wear Google Glasses?

The Internet is mad at Electronic Arts, Sprint is touting a new HTC Evo, and Google shows the potential of smart glasses with Project Glass.

Loaded: A new way to read magazines on a tablet

Grooveshark is in trouble, Marvel puts a new spin on digital comics, and Next Issue is a new way to get your magazine fix on your tablet.

Loaded: Where are the women, Facebook?

Amazon tinkers with in-app purchases, iPhone 5 rumors point to a June release, and the Face It Campaign calls Facebook's all-white-male ...

Loaded: 1.5 million card numbers stolen

Comcast and Time Warner don't play nice with HBO on Xbox, Girls Around Me says it shouldn't be attacked for its creepy app, and 1.5 million ...