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Often imitated, never duplicated. Hard News was the first daily video game news recap show on the web. We look at all the gaming news you ...

Hard News 10/16/13 - Double Fine, Pokemon, and Ryse - Hard News

Today on HardNews, Double Fine's Spacebase DF-9, Pokemon saving glitch, and Ryse tweet backlash.

Hard News 10/15/13 - PS Vita, Shadow Warrior, and Watch Dogs - Hard News Clip

Today on HardNews, PS Vita gets a micro USB charge port, new Shadow Warrior janitor mini game, and Watch Dogs has been delayed.

Hard News 10/14/13 - LoL Supremacy, Spider-Man 2, and Nintendo - Hard News

Today on HardNews, possible League of Legends card game, Spider-Man 2 movie tie in game, and Nintendo may be slackening it's restrictions ...

Hard News 10/11/13 - GTA Online, NYCC, and Mighty No. 9 - Hard News

Today on HardNews, GTA Online players to get 500K, NYCC hijacking Twitter accounts, and Inafune may publish with Capcom.

Hard News 10/10/13 - Foxconn, Newerth, and Chocobo Racing - Hard News Clip

Today on HardNews, Foxconn's slave labor, Heroes of Newerth awesome new voice pack, and Chocobo Racing put down.

Hard News 10/09/13 - Assassin's Creed IV, Warface, Mad Catz M.O.J.O. - Hard News

Today on HardNews, details on the Assassin's Creed IV season pass, Warface sexy avatar controversy, and the new micro console from Mad Catz.

Hard News 10/07/13 - Injustice, Valve, and Microsoft - Hard News

Today on HardNews, Injustice Ultimate Edition, Valve trademarks registered and then taken down, and Microsoft flips on another statement.

Hard News 10/04/13 - GTA Online, Mario Party 3DS, and SimCity - Hard News

Today on HardNews, GTA Online patch, Marty Party for 3DS delayed in Europe, and SimCity.

Hard News 10/03/13 - Watch Dogs, Ratchet & Clank, Warcraft, and Pokemon - Hard News Clip

Today on HardNews, Watch Dogs PC specs, Ratchet Clank and Warcraft release dates, and Nintendo doesn't mess around when it comes to ...

Hard News 10/02/13 - Tom Clancy, Sega, and Mighty No. 9 - Hard News

Today on HardNews, the late Tom Clancy, Sega and Sonic Boom, and Mighty No. 9 meets all its goals.

A new Kirby, a delay on Tropical Freeze, and all the big news from Nintendo Direct - Hard News ...

Today on Hard News, a new Kirby is coming, Tropical Freeze is delayed, and all the big news from Nintendo Direct

Hard News 09/30/13 - Shadow of the Eternals, EA/NCAA, Twitch - Hard News

Today on HardNews, Shadow of the Eternals, EA/NCAA settlement, Take-Two pours money into Twitch.