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Often imitated, never duplicated. Hard News was the first daily video game news recap show on the web. We look at all the gaming news you ...

Hard News 11/04/13 - Killer Instinct, Ubisoft, and Pokemon - Hard News

Today on Hard News, Killer Instinct reveals Black Orchid, Ubisoft removes Uplay, and three new Pokemon found

Call of Dutys upscaling, South Parks delay, and Swapnote's suspension - Hard News 11/1/13 - Hard ...

Today on Hard News, Call of Duty Ghost upscales on Xbox One, Stick of Truth delayed to 2014, and Nintendo doesn't appreciate all those wang ...

Hard News 10/31/13 - Titanfall, Mortal Kombat, and Playstation 4 - Hard News Clip

Today on Hard News, Titanfall NEVER coming to PS4, Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks rumored to get an HD version, and your questions about the ...

Hard News 10/30/13 - Command & Conquer, Blockbuster UK, and Wii Sports Club - Hard News

Today on Hard News, EA disbands Victory Games, Blockbuster UK goes into bankruptcy, and Nintendo will make you download Wii Sports Club.

Hard News 10/29/13 - Halo, Call of Duty, and Tiger Woods - Hard News Clip

Today on Hard News, Halo Spartan Assault coming to console, new Call of Duty mode, and EA cuts off Tiger Woods.

Save on Resident Evil, Call of Dutys Italian riot, and Pokemon gets patched - Hard News 10/28/13 - ...

Today on Hard News, save on Resident Evil, the Italians really wanted Call of Duty Ghosts, and it's safe to save in Lumiose City.

Hard News 10/25/13 - Bioshock Infinite, Street Fighter, and North Korea - Hard News

Today on Hard News, Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea, Ultra Street Fighter 4 details announced, and North Korea's malware infested games.

Hard News 10/23/13 - Titanfall, Bravely Default, and the Console War - Hard News

Today on Hard News, Titanfall release date and Collector's Edition, Bravely Default's new micro transactions, and the Console War continues.

Hard News 10/22/13 - Beyond Two Souls, Dark Matter, Alien: Isolation - Hard News Clip

Today on Hard News, a debugged PS3 gets shots of a naked Ellen Page in Beyond Two Souls, Dark Matter pulled from Steam, and Sega developing ...

Hard News 10/21/13 - Batman, Pokemon, and TotalBiscuit - Hard News

Today on Hard News, Batman delayed in UK, iPhone is now your Pokedex, and TotalBiscuit's review pulled down.

Hard News 10/18/13 - Blizzard, Final Fantasy, and 2K Marin - Hard News

Today on Hard News, Blizzard renames its MOBA again, a Final Fantasy committee has been formed, and 2K Marin may be shutting down.

Hard News 10/17/13 - Ubisoft, PS4, Eidos, and CastAR - Hard News Clip

Today on Hard News, Ubisoft stock plummets, Drive Club delayed and PS4's outrageous price in Brazil, and the new Cast AR.