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BSG Cast

BSG Cast

We're just two geeks who LOVE Battlestar Galactica, and do everything we can to bring our fellow fans reviews, interviews and a forum for ...

REVIEW: CapriCast 1.04 - Gravedancing

for more - The build up to Daniel's appearance on Sarno finally comes to a head as the Adama's close in on Amanda... some heavy stuff goes ...

REVIEW: CapriCast 1.03 – Reins of a Waterfall

- In the wake of Amanda's announcement of Zoe's involvement in the MAGLEV bombing, Caprica is ramping up momentum more and more with each ...

REVIEW: Capricast 1.02 - Rebirth

After months of waiting, the story of Caprica finally moves forward with Zoe in her new Cylon body as the Graystone and Adama families try ...

BSGcast 4.16 - "Blood on the Scales"

The amazing conslusion of the 2-part Mutiny storyline answered a few questions, but none that Part 1 hadn't come up with in the first ...

BSGcast LIVE: 4.15 "The Oath" Review

Gaetarsquos Mutiny is on, and wersquove got murder on the Galacticahellip itrsquos like the start of Season two, Cylons ot included. And ...

BSGcast LIVE: cPanel FlatPanel Winner Announced!

trsquos been two weeks since BSGcast LIVE in Pasadena, California, and itrsquos time to announce the winner of the cPanel Flatpanel 32Prime ...

BSGcast: 4.14 "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

The first proper BSGcast review of the final 10 episodes, we break this beautiful character piece of an episode down into the essential ...

BSGcast LIVE: INTERVIEW with Michael Hogan

Matt gets the chance to chat with the actor behind the Battlestar Galactica's X.O. Colonel Saul Tigh, Michael Hogan. He talks about being ...

BSGcast LIVE: INTERVIEW with Glenne Campbell

Nat chats with Battlestar Galactica's revered Costume Designer, Glenne Campbell, as to find out about the challenges and highlights of ...

BSGcast LIVE: INTERVIEW with Richard Hatch

Nat sits down with Richard Hatch, the actor behind Tom Zarek in the current Battlestar Galactica and Apollo in the original, to try and get ...

BSGcast LIVE: INTERVIEW with Ryan Keeton

For the Propworx Battlestar Auction, The Auction Network set out to find the perfect fans to do colour commentary while the items are up ...

BSGcast LIVE: 4.13 "Sometimes a Great Notion" Review

This is the first of our BSGcast LIVE Episode, and the best comment will go into a very small hat of only five names to win the 32Prime ...