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Made in Germany: The Business Magazine

Made In Germany: The Business Magazine

Made in Germany gives an inside view of the global economy, provides gripping business reports from the heart of Europe. From the worlds ...

An Endless Debacle? More delays at the Berlin-Brandenburg airport

With enormous cost overruns and interminable delays, Berlins new international airport has become a nightmare for everyone involved. When ...

Ukraine on the Brink of Disaster - Can bankruptcy be averted?

How dependent is Ukraine on Russia What role can the EU play Our guest in the studio is Ansgar Belke from the University of Duisburg-Essen

No Wind in Its Sails? Offshore wind farms in crisis

In cities like Bremerhaven, the offshore wind power industry is in crisis. Just a few years ago, the city was still drawing major companies ...

Fathers in the Workplace - A new take on family-friendly policies

Volker Baisch is a management consultant who specializes in helping companies become more 'father friendly. His early clients included ...

Ukraine on the Verge of Collapse – Is bankruptcy imminent?

Ukraine is now in a political crisis but its economic situation has been in crisis for some time. Its currency, the hryvnia, has dropped ...

Ultrafast Internet - Germany closes the gaps in its network

Germany is losing ground when it comes to ultra-fast Internet access. Less than one percent of households in the country have a fiber-optic ...

Talk: Speed Limits on the Data Highway - Are German firms being slowed down?

How far is the digital economy in Germany lagging behind its US counterpart Are the Berlin governments plans for expanding broadband ...

The Booming Meat Industry - Germany the world’s second biggest pork exporter

The Tnnies factory reflects the boom in business for Germanys meat industry. The family enterprises workforce has grown from sixty in the ...

Mobile World Congress - The competitiveness of Germany’s IT sector

Among the exhibitors at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the Heidelberg-based IT company EML. This is a crucial trade fair for RD ...

Veganism - A trend and its beneficiaries

Opinion is divided on vegans, but one things for sure theyre here and not going away. The trend towards food free of animal products is ...

Brain Drain - Educated and Emigrated

Well-trained skilled workers are always in demand somewhere. They go where there are job prospects and a promising career. And that's often ...

Flexible or Bureaucratic - How Open is the Global Labor Market? (Interview Part 1)

Finding the right skilled workers can be a huge challenge and, depending on which country the applicant comes from, companies may have ...