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Tom's Top 5

Tom's Top 5

Each week Tom cuts through the clutter, and counts down what's trending in the geek zeitgeist. From the hottest gadgets and downloads to ...

Top 5 Most Wanted Retro Tech - Tom's Top 5

Technology's come so far, but we still crave cool retro gadgets to remind us all of our childhoods Tom runs down the Top 5 most wanted ...

Top 5 Scariest Movies to Watch Online - Tom's Top 5

Halloween means scary movie time Instead of going out to rent a movie, check out these SCARY films streaming online

MOST WANTED Game Consoles - Tom's Top 5

Which game consoles are MOST lusted after this October Tom Merrit and the folks at bring you the straight dish on what consumers ...

Top 5 WORST Tech Ads - Tom's Top 5

Bad ads get everyone talking, but does that still help brand awareness See our picks for the top 5 worst tech ads

Top 5 Things to PAY for Online - Tom's Top 5

We're all a bit spoiled by the free services available online, but there are a select group of products that you should NOT hesitate to pay ...

Top 5 Apple FAILS - Tom's Top 5

The company that always gets it right has gone a bit wrong a few times. Check out the Apple products that didn't quite hit the big time or ...

Top 5 RIDICULOUS Planet of the Apes Scenes! - Tom's Top 5

With the Rise of the Apes reboot releasing this week, now's the perfect time to look back on some of the most awesome, ridiculous and ...

Top 5 MOST WANTED Gadgets this August! - Tom's Top 5

It's topsy turvy in the world of the tech you want the most. Here are the most drooled over gadgets for August 2011

Comic-Con 2011 Special: Top 5 Comic Apps! - Tom's Top 5

Another Comic-Con International is upon us Not gonna make it this year Sadface, but not to worry - there are a few GREAT apps out there to ...

Top 5 Graduation Gifts for Geeks! - Tom's Top 5

If you're sending them off into the world on their own, don't leave them without these five things.

Top 5 Free Podcasting Tools - Tom's Top 5

Want to start broadcasting on the Internet Do it the free and simple way

Top 5 Most Wanted Laptops - Tom's Top 5

Want something hot in your lap Then you will really want one of these versatile notebooks.