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DW (English)

DW (English)

Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster, producing TV, radio and Internet programming for you in 30 languages - wherever you ...

Essen with a Tourist from South Korea | Discover Germany

Nicolo Kim from Seoul pays a visit to the Ruhr, once a coal-mining region in western Germany. He takes us to the former Zollverein coal ...

Is Postwar Architecture Worth Saving? | Arts.21

Postwar modernist buildings currently have a lifespan of some 40 years in Germany. Many have already been torn down. But now people are ...

Berlin - Three Travel Tips | Discover Germany

Sandra Siewert is a fan of Berlins varied architecture, which also inspires her work as a designer. Today she takes us to three of her ...

What are Finnish Authors Writing about? | Arts.21

In 2014 Finland will be the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Finns are prolific readers and writers. Only Iceland publishes more ...

2014: What do Germany's Trade Unions Hope the Year Will Bring? | Journal Interview

In the Interview 'IG Metall' Union Chairman Detlef Wetzel IG Metall chairman Detlef Wetzel talks to DW's Manuela Kasper-Claridge about ...

Highlights of the Week from 04.01.14 | Euromaxx

In this edition hand made shoes, the Greek city of Athens, game developers, illustrator Birgit Schssow and a jeep safari. For more go to

Resistance to gold mining in Romania | Journal Reporters

DW's Frank Hofmann travels to Romania to look at the resistance by environmentalists to a planned huge gold mining project. | Euromaxx

Two Londoners have set up a blog about life in the German capital. It has some forty thousand followers. For more go to

The Inner World | Euromaxx

We meet a bean-shaped character called Robert from an enchanted underground world known as Asposia. Robert is the hero of the computer game ...

Quadriga: 1914 - 2014: A Century of History | Quadriga

They were turning points in world history it has been 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, 75 years since World War Two ...

Vegetarian Butcher's Store | Euromaxx

A vegetarian butchers store opened in the Swiss city of Zurich last year. The wares on display might look like the things you find in a ...

Drive it!: The Motor Magazine | Drive it!

In this edition of Drive it we focus on two contemporary classics, the Bentley Mulsanne and the BMW Z8, two cars that reflect automotive ...