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DW (English)

DW (English)

Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster, producing TV, radio and Internet programming for you in 30 languages - wherever you ...

Survey: The Germans and Immigration | People & Politics

As of January 1st 2014, Romanians and Bulgarians are free to work anywhere in the European Union. The Bavarian conservative party, the CSU, ...

Croatia: Oil Boom | European Journal

Croatia, which joined the EU last July, could soon come into big money. Huge deposits of crude oil and natural gas are thought to be ...

Dispossessed for the Russian Dream | European Journal

Sochi used to be a modest resort city on the Black Sea coast. But in preparation for the Winter Olympics the entire region has undergone a ...

France: Personal Hygiene as a Luxury Good | European Journal

In France many cities are having to construct more public bathing facilities, known as 'les bain-douches'. Two million people here live in ...

"Herman ze German" Eateries | Euromaxx

A German couple from the Black Forest region is selling German cuisine - mainly sausages - in their two eateries in London called 'Herman ...

What's the Solution to South Sudan's Conflict? | Agenda - Talk

In this edition A row over extending work-rights in the EU to Bulgarians and Romanians has ignited a debate over freedom of movement, ...

Planting trees | Global Ideas

A father and son team are planting a green revolution in Costa Rica by restoring a part of the rainforest, creating a new habitat for ...

Turkey: Effect of Political Crisis on Economy | Made in Germany

For many years Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was considered a ray of hope. But now his government has been plunged into ...

Europe's labor market - A boom in jobs and record unemployment | Made in Germany

Marcel Fratzscher is the president of the German Institute for Economic Research DIW Berlin. He talks about immigration, the shortage of ...

Investing in the Future - The Metzler Foundation | Made in Germany

Youth unemployment is extremely high in southern Europe. In contrast, Germany is desperately seeking new skilled workers. The country's ...

Starting Again in Greece - Return to the village | Made in Germany

The unemployment rate in Greece is nearly 30 percent. But more and more Greeks are defying the crisis. They're taking their fate into their ...

The Adventurer: Range Rover Vogue | Drive it!

Land Rover is known for it's high-quality SUVs. Originally released in 1970, the famous Range Rover is now in its fourth incarnation. With ...