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Butterscotchcom helps busy on-the-go people to understand and live the mobile lifestyle, by providing a massive library of free easy to ...

Pairing a Bluetooth Accessory and Copy and Paste on the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G

In this episode we'll take a look at how to easily pair a Bluetooth accessory with the Samsung Galaxy SII Epic Touch 4G including how to ...

Pre-Installed Apps on the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G

While Samsung has made some pretty fundamental changes to Android with its TouchWiz interface, the Android app mainstays are all present ...

Double Quiz for iPhone review

Those of you who are looking for a good way to expand your knowledge through trivia should check out Double Quiz for iPhone. This 0.99 app ...

Parrot Minikit Smart video review

Finally, a viable in-car dock for non-iPhone users. The Parrot Minikit Smart is a big step in the right direction for Android users. Paired ...

Adding and removing apps from your Android

In this tutorial we'll show you how to get Android apps using the Android Market. We'll also show you how to manage your applications by ...

TipNSplit Calculator for Android review

If you've ever had trouble calculating a tip then TipNSplit Calculator is the app for you. This free Android application allows you to ...

Jamie's Recipes for iPhone review

There's no reason to be a klutz in the kitchen with an app like this. Jamie's Recipes for iPhone is a free application that allows you to ...

Changing the RAM on an iMac

If you own a flat-panel iMac, then unfortunately there isn't a whole lot you can do to customize your computer. One thing you can do, ...

Expansion card slots on your Mac

Macintosh computers aren't generally considered to be as expandable or customizable as PCs are, but there are expansion slots that allow ...

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, Amasung Tablet and Skype

The ASUS Eee Pad we're dubbing the Transformer-top, hints at what may be next for PCs, Samsung and Amazon sitting in a tree and Skype gets ...

Changing the hard drive on a Mac tower

Learn how to replace a hard drive in your Mac tower computer. Whether your Mac tower has a G5 processor or a newer Intel processor, the ...

Changing the RAM on a Mac tower

In this episode, we'll show you how to add or replace RAM in your Macintosh tower computer. Since there are some differences in the ...