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Hannibal Rising

 Horror & Thriller | Horror & Thriller | Drama
 R (USA)
 Peter Webber
 Gaspard Ulliel (Hannibal Lecter), Gong Li (Lady Murasaki), Rhys Ifans (Vladis Grutas), Dominic West (Inspector Popil), Richard Leaf (Father Lecter), Richard Brake (Enrikas Dortlich), Stephen Martin Walters (Zigmas Milko), Kevin McKidd (Petras Kolnas), Helena-Lia Tachovsk√ɬ° (Mischa Lecter), Aaron Thomas (Hannibal), Goran Kostic (Hannibal Lecter), Ivan Marevich (Bronys Grentz), Charles Maquignon (Paul The Butcher), Joerg Stadler (Berndt), Michele Wade (Nanny)
 121 min
Hannibal Rising is a 2007 crime thriller/horror film, the fifth film to feature Dr. Hannibal Lecter. It is a prequel to Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. The film is an adaptation of Thomas Harris' 2006 novel of the same name and tells the story of Lecter's evolution into the infamous serial killer of the previous films and books. French actor Gaspard Ulliel portrays Lecter. Anthony Hopkins played the role in three previous films, after Brian Cox became the original screen ...

Vladis Grutas

Hannibal Rising 2007 - Vladis Grutas - Hannibal Gaspard Ulliel is nearly killed while seeking revenge on Grutas Rhys Ifans, but a ...