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Blades Of Glory

 PG-13 (USA)
 Josh Gordon, Will Speck
 Will Ferrell (Chazz Michael Michaels), Jon Heder (Jimmy MacElroy), Will Arnett (Stranz Van Waldenberg), Amy Poehler (Fairchild Van Waldenberg), Jenna Fischer (Katie Van Waldenberg), William Fichtner (Darren MacElroy), Craig T. Nelson (Coach), Romany Malco (Jesse), Nick Swardson (Hector), Scott Hamilton (Sports Anchor), Andy Richter (Mountie #1), Greg Lindsay (Mountie #2), Rob Corddry (Bryce), Nick Jameson (PA Announcer), Tom Virtue (Floor Manager), Ben Wilson (Gary the Fox), William Daniels (Commisssioner Ebbers), Zachary Ferren (Young Jimmy), Rémy Girard (Father St. Pierre), Steven M. Gagnon (Rink Official World Games), Chris Reed (World Games Paramedic), Luciana Carro (Sam), Nancy Kerrigan (A.N. Official), Luke Wilson (Sex Class Counselor), Katharine Towne (Female Sex Addict), David Pressman (Reporter - Montreal), Brian Boitano (Federation Judge #1), Dorothy Hamill (Federation Judge #2), Peggy Fleming (Federation Judge), Matt Levin (Matt), Smith Cho (Woodland Fairie), Sasha Cohen (Sasha Cohen), Stephanie Courtney (Reporter at Sign Ups)
 93 min
Blades of Glory is a 2007 American comedy film directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, and starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. The movie was released on March 29, 2007 by DreamWorks and MTV Films. It was released on DVD and HD DVD on August 7, 2007 and released on Blu-ray Disc on May 20, 2008.

The Iron Lotus

Blades of Glory 2007 - The Iron Lotus - Chazz Will Ferrell and Jimmy Jon Heder stumble in the finals, but determine to perform the ...

Let's Kick Some Ice

Blades of Glory 2007 - Let's Kick Some Ice - In danger of disqualification, Chazz Will Ferrell admits that he never slept with Katie and ...

I Miss You, Jimmy

Blades of Glory 2007 - I Miss You, Jimmy - When Jimmy Jon Heder finds Chazz Will Ferrell and Katie Jenna Fischer in a compromising ...

I'm a Sex Addict

Blades of Glory 2007 - I'm a Sex Addict - Chazz Will Ferrell attends sex addiction therapy, but finds himself powerfully attracted to his ...

Ice Blows

Blades of Glory 2007 - Ice Blows - Jimmy Jon Heder tries to explain to Katie Jenna Fischer the magic that he finds in ice skating.

What a Skater's Body Looks Like

Blades of Glory 2007 - What a Skater's Body Looks Like - Chazz Will Ferrell tells Jimmy Jon Heder about his tattoos and love history.

Lady Humps

Blades of Glory 2007 - Lady Humps - Chazz Will Ferrell cheats on his diet and has some thoughts on the music for their routine.

Team Van Waldenberg

Blades of Glory 2007 - Team Van Waldenberg - Katie Van Waldenberg Jenna Fischer is disappointed that her skating brother Will Arnett and ...

Brawl on Ice

Blades of Glory 2007 - Brawl on Ice - Chazz Will Ferrell annoys Jimmy Jon Heder on the Gold Medal podium and they get into a fight with ...