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Angel Heart

 Horror & Thriller | Horror & Thriller
 R (USA)
 Alan Parker
 Mickey Rourke (Harry Angel), Robert De Niro (Louis Cyphre), Lisa Bonet (Epiphany Proudfoot), Charlotte Rampling (Margaret Krusemark), Ezekial Dann Florek (Herman Winesap), Michael Higgins (Dr. Albert Fowler), Stocker Fontelieu (Ethan Krusemark), Elizabeth Whitcraft (Connie), Eliott Keener (Det. Sterne), Brownie McGhee (Toots Sweet)
 113 min
Angel Heart is a 1987 North American/British mystery-thriller film written and directed by Alan Parker, and starring Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, and Lisa Bonet. The film is adapted from the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg, and is generally faithful to the novel with the exceptions being the introduction of a child of Epiphany Proudfoot conceived at a voodoo ceremony by 'a devil', and that the novel never leaves New York City, whereas much of the action of the film occurs in New ...

Epiphany Proudfoot

Angel Heart 1987 - Epiphany Proudfoot - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke questions Epiphany Proudfoot Lisa Bonet about her mother.

Remember the Name Johnny Favourite?

Angel Heart 1987 - Remember the Name Johnny Favourite - Cyphre Robert De Niro hires Harry Angel Mickey Rourke to find a man who broke a ...

Anything Can Happen Day

Angel Heart 1987 - Anything Can Happen Day - The local cops inform Harry Angel Mickey Rourke of Toots Sweet8217s grisly murder.

He Made a Pact with Satan

Angel Heart 1987 - He Made a Pact with Satan - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke confronts Mr. Krusemark Stocker Fontelieu about helping Johnny ...

Voodoo Snooping

Angel Heart 1987 - Voodoo Snooping - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke returns to investigate the church where he met Cyphre, only to be attacked ...

Wiping for Prints

Angel Heart 1987 - Wiping for Prints - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke returns after locking Dr. Fowler Michael Higgins in his room, only to find ...

Churches Give Me the Creeps

Angel Heart 1987 - Churches Give Me the Creeps - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke meets Cyphre Robert De Niro in a church to give him an update on ...

I Know Who I Am

Angel Heart 1987 - I Know Who I Am - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke discovers the terrible truth when he realizes he sold his soul to Cyphre ...

Know What They Say About Slugs?

Angel Heart 1987 - Know What They Say About Slugs - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke explains why he wants to drop the case, but Cyphre Robert De ...