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A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index

In a world where magic is as real as science, high-school student Kamijo comes to the aid of a young nun named Index. She's on the run from ...

(Sub) Skill Out (Armed Gang) (Full Episode)

GROUP continues to order Accelerator around by giving him an assignment to kill Misuzu - which leads to Accelerator protecting the woman ...

(Sub) Prewar (Full Episode)

Accelerator is injured, but even in that state he's approached by a city-employed organization that wants to recruit him. As rumors of an ...

(Sub) The Divine Retribution Spell (Full Episode)

In order to save Last Order, will Accelerator sacrifice himself Vento's past is revealed, Toma delivers a very Toma speech, and Index sings ...

(Sub) Testament (Learning Device) (Full Episode)

When Accelerator deduces who is pulling all the strings in Academy City, no person,or building, is safe from his rage. Meanwhile, Toma goes ...

(Sub) Hound Dog (Hound Squad) (Full Episode)

Accelerator manages to escape from Kihara, taking Index with him. Elsewhere, Toma and Last Order are on the run from Hound Dog - but the ...

(Sub) The Researcher (Amata Kihara) (Full Episode)

Accelerator attempts to make amends for his past by doing a few good deeds, but ends up attacked by a group led by someone from his past. ...

(Sub) Serial Number (Specimen Number) (Full Episode)

Laura is confronted with a confidential memo during her bath time, Toma buys Mikasa 10032 a piece of jewelry, and many old enemies come ...

(Sub) Penalty Game (Full Episode)

Mikoto convinces Toma to sign up for a couples cell phone contract with her so she can get an adorable promotional item - but how far are ...

(Sub) Rosary of the Appointed Time (Full Episode)

Toma goes head-to-head with Bishop Biagio during an attempt to rescue Agnese. As the battle rages, the Queen of the Adriatic Sea is ...

(Sub) Queen's Fleet (Full Episode)

Agnese makes a deal with Toma and Orsola that guarantees their safe escape from the Roman Orthodox shipso long as they take Sisters ...

(Sub) City of Water (Full Episode)

After winning a trip to Italy, Toma and Index run across a few old acquaintances. But wherever these two go, disaster is sure to follow - ...

(Sub) Croce Di Pierto (Apostolic Cross) (Full Episode)

As Toma and the others come close to beating Oriana, the motivations behind her actions are finally revealed. But taking out Oriana might ...