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How to Make a Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake ornaments are an easy craft you can make with your kids for the Christmas tree. Check out how to make a snowflake ornament for a ...

New Arthritis Treatments

Arthritis remains a common source of pain and frustration for many people, but new methods of treatment are always being developed. Here ...

Foods You Shouldn't Eat When You're Pregnant

During pregnancy certain foods should be avoided because they may affect the health of your growing baby. Watch this video to learn which ...

How to Do Beginner Hula Hoop Exercises

Want to learn how to do beginner hula hoop exercises Here, see tips and tricks for doing hula hoop exercises on your own.

Long Island Iced Tea Variations

Long Island iced tea is a sweet cocktail drink with a serious kick. But there are many different varieties of the Long Island iced tea ...

5 Pilates Stretches to Increase Flexibility

Want to learn about 5 great Pilates stretches to increase flexibility This video will help you through the stretches and explain how to do ...

5 Fun First Birthday Party Themes

A baby's first birthday party can be a lot of fun for everybody, and having a theme is an easy way to make sure that happens. This video ...

Are You Pregnant?

Knowing if you are pregnant can be scary or exciting. Watch this video to see tips for knowing if you are pregnant or not.

What Is the Thyroid?

What is the thyroid What does it look like, and what does it do Watch this health video for a visual explanation of the thyroid's role in ...

Spiced Apple Butter Brisket

Spiced beef brisket, delicious as it is, can be improved with the apple butter baste described here. This video has the recipe for spiced ...

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Hot cross buns are as traditional as they are delicious. Check out how to make this hot cross buns recipes for a home cooked and sweet ...

5 Easy Recipes With Matzoh

Matzoh is a really versatile bread that can be used in dozens of different recipes. This cooking video from will give you five ...