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1 in 10 Think HTML Is an STD

HTML. Otherwise known as hyper text markup language. That is, unless you ask about 11 of Americans, who reportedly think it's an STD. ...

10 Everyday Tasks That Can Be Skipped

Much of the time so desperately needed throughout the day could be gained by getting rid of time-wasting tasks.

3 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Attitude

Doctor Greg Snipes shares three easy ways to get out of a winter funk.

3 Ways to Re-Focus on New Year's Resolutions

Only two-percent of people are able to keep their New Year's Resolutions throughout the year. Mental health expert Dr. Gregg Jantz explains ...

Ends of the Earth Photography: A Photographer Follows Her Passion

One woman has travelled around the world to photograph some of the most beautiful and endangered things on earth. She shares her story and ...

Parts of U.S. Accept Bitcoin - But What Are They Again?

A politician and a medical clinic are among the Texans who have announced they will now accept the bitcoin as a form of donation or ...

How to Hack Your New Year

Want to successfully meet your resolutions in 2014 Use these 5 lifehacks at the beginning of your year, so you're happy with the rest of it.

Top 3 Ways to Become a Less-Stressed Parent

Juggling our time between errands, emails, parties, soccer practice, doctor appointments, laundry We have 3 tips to become a less stressed ...

Top 6 Ways to Re-Imagine Your Life

Columnist Jennifer Weigel shares advice on re-imagining the rest of your life from legendary journalist Jane Pauly.

Is Being Self-Confident the Key to Being Successful?

Does having a great attitude and self-image translate into incredible life success Is the key to personal growth really to believe in and ...

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Packing

Packing for a trip is never much fun. How about taking advice from a lazy girl.

Are You Eating Your Apple Wrong?

Do you know how to eat an apple How about an orange You're probably saying yes right now. You're also probably wrong. We have the proper ...