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5min Fitness-Yoga: recently added

5min Fitness-Yoga: Recently Added

In this feed you can find howto videos related to Fitness-Yoga recently added

Paralyzed Yoga Teacher Recovers with Yoga

After a car accident left him partially paralyzed, Matthew Sanford discovered that yoga could make his body feel whole again. Now he ...

Yogi's Toolbox: Sun Salutation 3 With Tommy Rosen

Like Sun Salutations A and B, Sun Salutation C is a foundational series in many Vinyasa classes. Gain key alignment points necessary to ...

Yogi's Toolbox: Sun Salutation 2 With Tommy Rosen

Flow slowly through Sun Salutation B, learning how to address some of the challenges often associated with this series. Note beginners ...

Yogi's Toolbox: Sun Salutation 1 With Tommy Rosen

A fundamental part of any flow class, Sun Salutation A can be hard on the body if done incorrectly. Here, you'll see an advanced version, a ...

Yoga Travel Sequence With Jeanie Manchester

Breathe, stretch and invert your way to feeling better after travel. This calming series of poses restores lifeforce energy while releasing ...

Yoga Therapy For the Back With Jeanie Manchester

Poor posture can cause lower back pain. Establishing the natural curves of your spine before you hold a pose can help you avoid it. Learn ...

Yoga Heart Of Gold Flow Yoga With Tommy Rosen

Painful emotions make us round forward to protect our heart. Focus on this important area as you move through slow, precise Sun ...

Yoga Everyday Gratitude Flow With Jeanie Manchester

Did you wake up to gratitude or grumpiness It's really your choice, explains Jeanie Manchester. Practice feeling gratitude while moving ...

Breakfast Of Champions Yoga With Tommy Rosen

This powerful practice uses the breath of fire and strength-building poses to wake up every cell in your body. Modifications for all levels ...

Morning Vinyasa Yoga With Tommy Rosen

Open your lower back as you gradually wake up the spine with this morning practice. Open your lower back as you gradually wake up the ...

Morning Kundalini Yoga With Tommy Rosen

Wake up every cell in your body with this energizing morning practice. Get all the kinks out of your body with this Kundalini-inspired ...

Anti-Aging Yoga Poses

Yoga is not only a great way to de-stress, it's also a fantastic way to tone, and tighten. For those on the quest for a younger looking ...