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Star Driver

Star Driver

In the southern edge of Japan lies the Southern Cross Island where its inhabitants lead a seemingly normal daily existence, but far beneath ...

A Faraway World (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 7

It is the day after Sugata apprivoises with the King's Cybody, Samekh. Wako skips school and begins offering prayers early in the morning. ...

Our Apprivoiser (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 25

King Samekh is resurrected. and Head succeeds in taking over it by using the powers of the Cybody Sinpathy.

Eastern Shrine Maiden (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 24

Kate secretly meets up with Sugata and tells him why she joined the Kiraboshi Order of Cross, despite being one of the Shrine Maidens.

Emperor (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 23

Sugata suddenly challenges Takuto to a match, with Wako at stake, then invites Wako on a date in front of Takuto.

On of Eve of the Legend (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 22

Night Flight performs a play called On the Eve of the Legend, where the lead characters fate takes a tragic turn.

The Libidinal Age (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 21

The Kiraboshi Order of Cross has perfected a new device through which the Cybodies can be propelled into a more advanced stage than 3rd ...

The Rainbow Painted That Day (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 20

On a day when a rainbow is visible in the skies over Southern Cross Island, Ryosuke pauses to remember his past with Head and Sora.

The Trio's Sunday (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 19

The trio enjoys some quality time together for Wakos birthday, but when they arrive at the karaoke parlor, both boys are struck by a sudden ...

Kate's Morning and Night (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 18

While living at Sugata's house after a fiery accident, Takuto finds a photo of Kate as a child, and finds himself looking at her in a ...

Vanishing Age (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 17

Takuto, Wako and the others are at the beach one day, when two somewhat strange girls, Madoka Kei and Kou Atari, appear.

Takuto's Emblem (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 16

Abandoning her plans to run away, Mizuno returns home, only to find that Marino has vanished.

Shrine Maidens of the Seals (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 15

After receiving one piece of bad news after another, Mizuno decides to leave the island and head to mainland for the first time in her life.