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The Podcasters’ Studio – How to Record, Publish and Promote Audio and Video Podcasts

The Podcasters’ Studio – How To Record, Publish And Promote Audio And Video ...

A podcast about podcasting. Learn how to create high quality audio and video podcasts from professional podcast producer Ray Ortega.


TPS 081: Reaching Your True Audience and Growing Your Podcast

I8217m back in The Studio after spending a week in Las Vegas attending and speaking at New Media Expo 2014 NMX. It was, as you could ...

TPS 080: Replacing Podcasts After They’re Published

Are you waiting to publish your podcast until you8217ve gotten everything just right Stop. Just publish. You8217re ready. I8217ve seen more ...

TPS 079: An Alternative to Skype

Ever have an issue with Skype Choppy connection, hiss in your audio, disconnected from your interviewee or co-host These are just a few of ...

TPS 078: Moving Your RSS Feed and Formatting Descriptions

What if you need to move your podcast RSS feed I tell you how I accomplished this with one of the feeds we have at my work via a special ...

TPS 077: RSS Feeds and FeedBurner

Have you run into the 512kb limit imposed on your feed via FeedBurner This episode will give you some solutions about how to fix it or what ...

TPS 076: Random Thoughts on Recording Audio

I try a new way of recording my podcast mic to Fethead to H4n, no mixer and have a totally off-the-cuff episode filled with other thoughts ...

TPS 075: Podcasting Hurdles – Getting Past Common Barries to Starting a Podcast

What were the largest hurdles you had to overcome when starting a podcast Starting anything can be tough. The first sentence of a school ...

TPS 074: iTunes Feed Specs and HOA for Podcasters

Hangouts On-Air HOA have been a great experiment for my newest podcast, Podcasters8217 Roundtable. I8217ve tried several different ...

TPS 073- Securing Your WordPress Website with Dustin Hartzler

Protect your WordPress website frommalicioushackers, spam and other bots attempting to invade your site by taking some simple steps for ...

TPS 072 – FetHead In-line Microphone Preamp

Do you have a microphone, mixer or recorder that requires you to turn up the gain settings really loud in order to get a good signal The ...

TPS 071 – USB Dynamic Podcasting Microphones with Matt McGlynn

Microphones Matt McGlynn from Recording Hacks joins me 8220in Studio8221 to talk all about microphones a passion and hobby of his and ...

TPS 070 – Show intros, Zoom H4n and the Top Podcast Directories

I recently spoke on the topic of podcasting at Social Media Week D.C. SMWDC and it presented some great opportunities to use gear that I ...