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2 in 1 Showcase

2 In 1 Showcase

A comic book and geek conversation show. Presented by

Episode 227: Animated E-Mails

Blake is alone this week, so he takes advantage of the quiet to answer some of your e-mails that have been building up Blake discusses his ...

Episode 226: From Pencils to Pixels-A Webcomics Panel

It's time for the final episode of our Nola Comic-Con coverage This week, Blake sits down with a slew of webcomics creators, including ...

At the Movies Episode 25: Green Lantern

Thanks to the magic of the sneak preview, Blake managed to catch Green Lantern before its nationwide debut on July 17. How did the film ...

At the Movies Episode 24: Super 8

This weekend, the Showcase crew caught the new J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg film Super 8. How does it stack up against the great Spielberg ...

Episode 225: A Talk With Local Artists

This week, we're back to the panel room of the Nola Comic-Con, where Blake moderates a chat with several Louisiana-area comic creators ...

At the Movies Episode 23: X-Men-First Class

The latest film in the X-Men franchise takes Marvel's mighty mutants back to their origins. How does X-Men First Class shape up compared to ...

Episode 224: The New DC

This week, DC Comics made an announcement that rocked the world of comics. This Sunday, the Showcase boys get together to talk about it. ...

Episode 223: Andy Kuhn and Firebreather

Our talks from the panel room of the Nola Comic-con continue This week, it's time to talk to comic book artist Andy Kuhn, co-creator of the ...

At the Movies Episode 22: Pirates of the Caribbean-On Stranger Tides

After a four-year hiatus, Captain Jack Sparrow is back on the high seas. Will the newest entry in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ...

Episode 222: A Chat With Francis Manapul

It's a Showcase first Last week at Nola Comic-Con, the boys were lucky enough to host a few panel discussions, and we're bringing the audio ...

Episode 221: Nola Comic-Con 2011

It's the first of a series of special podcasts from this year's Nola Comic-Con Blake, Mike and Kenny spend a few days on the convention ...

At the Movies Episode 21: Thor

It's time for another At the Movies bonus podcast Blake, Kenny, Daniel and Jason get together to watch Marvel Studios' Thor. How did it ...