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Direct Effect

Direct Effect

Journey with film directors through their creative process, revealing how they bring their vision to the screen.

Sean Durkin of "Martha Marcy May Marlene" (Clip) Season 1

Sean Durkin shares his creative process and how he relies on his subconscious collection of life experiences to make decisions on the set.

Mike Cahill of "Another Earth" (Clip) Season 1

Mike Cahill describes how he himself directed, co-wrote the screenplay, co-produced, shot the scenes and edited ANOTHER EARTH.

Wayne Wang Of "Snow Flower and The Secret Fan" (Clip) Season 1

Wanye Wang reveals how his directing process helps him discover the authentic truth in each characters emotions.

Gavin Wiesen of "The Art of Getting By" (Clip) Season 1, Episode 13

Gavin Wiesen describes how writing the script of 'The Art of Getting By' helped him visualize every detail from casting to production ...

Michael Apted of the Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Clip) Season 1, Episode 8

Michael Apted reveals the production challenges of creating the beautiful, exotic and magical world of Narnia.

Miguel Arteta of CEDAR RAPIDS (Clip) Season 1, Episode 9

Miguel Arteta explores how he identifies the heart of each scene and how this helps him organize how he directs his actors and crew.

Darren Aronofsky of BLACK SWAN (Clip) Season 1, Episode 7

Darren Aronofsky reveals how he overcame the challenges of time, creativity and budget while directing this psychological thriller based ...

Tony Scott of Unstoppable (Clip) Season 1, Episode 6

Director Tony Scott discusses how putting his actors on an actual speeding train kept UNSTOPPABLE as realistic as possible.

Danny Boyle of 127 Hours (Clip) Season 1, Episode 5

Director Danny Boyle discusses how he and the cast and crew of '127 Hours' created an action film shot in extremely confined spaces.

Direct Effect (Clip) Season 1

Journey with film directors through their creative process, revealing how they bring their vision to the screen.

Nimród Antal of "Predators" (Clip) Season 1, Episode 2

Director Nimrd Antal discusses his approach to working with producer Robert Rodriguez on directing performances, crafting unique visuals ...

Tony Goldwyn of "Conviction" (Clip) Season 1, Episode 4

Director Tony Goldwyn reveals his process of creating an environment without time constraints where gifted actors feel free to do their ...