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Photography Tips from the Top Floor

Photography Tips From The Top Floor

TFTTF - the free show about all things photography with Chris Marquardt

tfttf627 – The Tin Parachute

Chris reports on his photoshoot with a band and how he got to take pictures of 8220sole music8221, Denis from Montreal has questions about ...

tfttf626 – Exploding Comments

Pauline asks a question about the Canon SL1/100D, Chris tries to find out why the comments for the last episode exploded and George wants ...

tfttf625 – Finally: Chris Got A New Camera

George from Colombia is looking for the magic solution to his crop sensor issue hint the solution is probably to get a wider lens, John ...

tfttf624 – Who Owns The Photons?

Chris clearly needs help. From you. To decide about something important what compact camera to get. Nick needs his camera serviced and Andy ...

tfttf623 – 1000 Pictures in 1 Hour

Chris presents his latest project 1 Hour 1000 Pics 8211 Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow. He discusses travel to exotic places and what ...

tfttf622 – Behind The Scenes: Video Production

Gordon tells us a horror story with a happy ending, Jay has a hint for us about a customer response gallery, George tries to find out how ...

tfttf621 – Special: Brothers and Mountains

TFTTF Special. It8217s the new year, and one of the bit things coming up is the Everest Trek in May 2014. On this tour Chris, Jon and ...

tfttf620 – Horrible Lens, Great Pictures

Join Chris to do some detective work finding out why the Sony RX100 seems to use a really bad Zeiss lens. Look into a smart phone picture ...

tfttf619 – Five Things That Changed My Life In 2013

Not that much photography in this episode, even though everything is kind of inter-related. In this last episode of 2013, Chris talks about ...

tfttf618 – Adam Savage On Point-And-Shoots

Chris reviews a black and white image, Rob wants to find out why they still build crop sensor cameras, and let8217s find out what Adam ...

tfttf617 – Photography Makes You Dumb

Does photography make you dumb Chris tries to get to the root of the discussion. Also photo borders, the quickest way to mark a photo ...

tfttf616 – Great Great News

This episode of TFTTF is full of great news Chris just finished recording a Lightroom Video Workshop, the new push notification system is ...