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Issues Under Fire: French Reestablishing Credentials in Middle East

Uncharacteristically aggressive, the French have willingly intervened in Libya and Mali while advocating intervention in Syria. Now their ...

Issues Under Fire: Netanyahu,The Provocateur

With only days before the P5+1 is scheduled to resume negotiations with Iran over its nuclear 'activities', one would think exerting ...

Issues Under Fire: Israelis Conflating Two Conflicts

Using the Palestinians as bargaining chips, Israel hopes to extort more concessions from Iran. Sensing growing opposition to harsher ...

Issues Under Fire: Only Putin and Xi Can Save Iranian Deal

With the U.S. and Europe being compromised by Israeli special interest, Russia and China have no such constraints. Not being hamstrung by ...

Issues Under Fire: Netanyahu Stomps his feet to derail World's Deal with Iran

Its difficult to determine whose in charge of the Geneva negotiations between the Iran and the West, since those in the cheap seats are ...

Issues under Fire: Veterans Day

As an alternative to the parades and wreath laying ceremonies we thought shinning a light on those responsible for creating conditions that ...

Issues Under Fire: Poverty American Style

With the United States still claiming to be the richest nation in the world with the biggest economy, how do you explain the legions of ...

Issues Under Fire: Poverty and the Political Establishment

In the wake of local and state elections, the idea of the poor and sinking middle class seeing a difference for the better is as remote as ...

Issues Under Fire: Some Americans Starve As NSA Keeps Watch

With an annual budget of more than 52 billion, most of which is impossible to track for value or benefit, the U.S. spy apparatus will keep ...

Issues Under Fire: US Official Conceded NSA May Be On Autopilot

John Kerry US Secretary of State made the startling admission late last week that some of the country's surveillance activities had gone ...

Issues Under Fire: Unmasking the NSA; Fiend or Friend

Whatever Big Brother wants to know, Big Brother will know and there is nothing that will stop him. Some are comforted while others are ...

Issues Under FIre: Congressional NSA Hearings Are Convincing No One

Unconvincing dog and pony show masquerading as an informative hearing could have gone over better had James Clapper been able to hide his ...