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Issues Under Fire: Hints of Aid Deal for Homs & How to Stop Hillary the Inevitable

An aid deal to the hopeless in Homs is in the works, but details remain murky since all warring factions have yet to sign off. Putin may ...

Issues Under Fire: Palestinians: The Forsaken Refugees

If its true that the world's refugee population harbors as many head cases as hard cases, then one can conclude, the Palestinian people ...

I Killed that Man 1941

A condemned killer all primed and ready to rat on the eve of his execution, is offed by a poison dart right in front of a bunch of ...

Issues Under Fire: 2014 Year of the Refugee

With few nations financially strapped to absorb the cost of hosting men women and children by the hundreds of thousands flooding borders, ...

Hell's House 1932

Dumb kid infatuated by bootlegger, refuses to implicate his friend when busted. Dummy is sent to reform school. While in the kiddy joint, ...

Issues Under Fire: Syria; A Land Even God Ignores

Without having any idea who constitutes the enemy anymore, the Syrian killing fields has even turned the stomachs of Al Qaeda Central. ...

Issues Under Fire: Why Super Bowl Weekend is no Time to Talk About Terror

On the eve of Super bowl weekend, the anticipation of the color guard, the singing of the national anthem, the throngs of fans, the media, ...

Issues Under Fire: After Trillions Squandered, Clappers Says Al Qaeda Grows Stronger

After 12 years of fighting and 3 trillion squandered, Al Qaeda Lives. How should Americans, America's allies and partners process this ...

Issues Under Fire: Funding to Arm Syrian Rebels Slipped Past US Taxpayers/Some Lawmakers

If reports and leaks are true, US taxpayers are now the proud sponsors of Team Rebels in the Terror Vs. Tyrant civil war raging in Syria.

Issues Under Fire: PR War Breakout at Geneva 2 Peace Conference

Refusing to keep negotiations on the down-low until progress can be made, both the Syrian government and opposition representatives dueled ...

Issues Under Fire: Assad to Obama; Syria is Still Mine

Allowing blankets, bandages and bread into the most blighted and besieged areas of Syria was the extent negotiators were able to achieve at ...

Issues Under Fire: The Character Assassination of Edward Snowden

Republican Mike Rogers and Democrat Dianne Feinstein came very close to defamation of character, insinuating Snowden was a spy for the ...