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Audio Parabolic Super Dome Super Polycarbonate Bowl

Parabolic Microphone Polycarbonate audio enhancer collects 30 inches of sound and concentrates to the microphone.

Lawn Mower plus Pickup Truck GOPRO camera

Using a small lightweight gas push mower attached to our truck, I tested the feasibility of an easier way of cleaning heavy brush. It ...

First surface mirror DIY hack from a regular mirror

A first surface mirror from any surface mirror.

Sun imaging Telescope and easy Schlieren photography Dan's Version

This very powerful method of solar imaging also provides the easiest Schlieren photography in the world. It acts as a 30000mm telescope of ...

VISIBLE Thermal Exchange of water Torricelli vacuum

The visible thermal exchange of water under a Torricelli vacuum. This is an older video from my other channel. Important for a future video.

Trash can lid powers a steam engine parabolic mirror

Using a mylar blanket and a trash can lid to make a parabolic mirror the sunlight powers a small steam engine. Trash can lid to parabolic ...

Simple DIY valve converts air pressure into a vacuum for priming and aquaponics Venturi

This is the simplest project you can do. The valve allows for positive high velocity currents to draw a vacuum. Future configurations of ...

Start a Fire with Coffee and Potato Chip containers Solar vacuum reflector

This is a different way of starting a solar fire for camping or fun. The vacuum seal added for product shelf-life and freshness creates a ...

Mushroom time lapse over 48 hours timelapse photography Chlorophyllum Molybdites

This is a time lapse video of mushrooms inside a Polycarbonate dome used to keep the wind out. This video is a tribute to our friend, Alex ...

How to core an Apple for Food Dehydrating and Juicing the fun way to cut and peel

This device easily removes the core of an apple, can peel and cut fast. It is also a lot of fun. Works great for juicers and food ...

DIY spinning top power 5,000 + RPM Dan's method for Super High Speed trick beyblade

This is a different method or trick to spinning a top without the need for the stick. There are several human powered off grid ideas for ...

Solar cooking blackened seafood Alfredo with angel hair pasta parabolic mirror Fresnel Lens

Using a large parabolic mirror and a Fresnel lens for solar cooking, this family recipe was completed in 20 . The Fresnel Lens is used for ...