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CNET UK Podcast

CNET UK Podcast

CNET UK Podcast

Apple's CarPlay and tech trends of 2014 in podcast 379

Wearable gadgets, streaming TV and smart toothbrushes -- in podcast 379 we talk about our favourite tech trends of 2014.

The good, the bad, the oddities of MWC 2014 in podcast 378

From the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the Nokia X, check out the best, worst and weirdest from Mobile World Congress 2014.

Galaxy S5 and Mark Zuckerberg head to MWC in podcast 377

From Mark Zuckerberg to the hotly-tipped Samsung Galaxy S5, we look ahead to technology extravaganza Mobile World Congress.

Flappy Bird, Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPacify in Podcast 376

We're in a flap about Flappy Bird, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPacify, the Bluetooth binkie leading a bunch of hot British startups.

Samsung Galaxy S5 waves goodbye to the S4 in Podcast 375

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 taking a bow in just a couple of weeks, we ask if the S4 was a success or failure.

Has Sony blown it? Podcast 374

It's not been the best week for Sony, so we ask whether the Japanese giant can recapture the glory days of the Walkman.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumours and more in Podcast 373

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to be the coolest phone of the year, so we run down the hottest rumours.

Google takes control of your home in Podcast 372

Google is spending 3.2bn putting apps in your appliances. Is the online world about to take over your home too

Michael Bay, wearable tech and the best of CES in Podcast 371

Transformers director Michael Bay stole the show at CES in Las Vegas, where wearable technology, 4K and much more has appeared.

What'll be the best new gadgets of 2014? asks Podcast 370

As we head into 2014, we take a look at what will be the hot new gadgets of the year, from 4K to the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 6.

4G and cheap gadgets: Review of the year in Podcast 369

From the 4G auction and high street massacre that began the year to the console wars and cheap gadgets, it's our review of 2013

Best gadgets of 2013 in Podcast 368

It's the CNET UK Podcast Stuff That Was Quite Good Awards 2013 Featuring the iPhone 5S, Motorola Moto G, Tesco Hudl and much more