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Watermark Audio: Sunday Messages

Watermark Audio: Sunday Messages

This podcast is a production of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. Watermark exists to be and make more fully devoted ...

Cultivating a Deeper Relationship

How do we grow in our relationship with Christ How do we deepen in our intimacy with the Lord Defining what spiritual disciplines are not ...

5 Characteristics of Relationships that Succeed

Factors which are indicative of an individuals that do well in marriage, outlined as five biblical principals to help form healthy ...

A Tender Word for Pharisees

Don't stay on the porch of merit, come into the family, and come into the family to celebrate grace where the inheritance is found. ...

Regeneration's Final Purpose, Product Abiding Intimacy, and Unspeakable Importance

Regeneration's product and ultimate purpose abiding, intimacy and a calling of unspeakable importance.

Following, Forgiving and Making Things Right

It can be difficult to recognize our own pain, or the pain of those that we're close to. Though ultimately we come to a place where we grow ...

What it Takes to Get Well: Trusting in the One Who Can Deal With What's There

The primary casualty of every sin is relationship, however restoring a relationship with Christ can simply be asking Him to come back into ...

The ABC's of Recovery: Meet the Healer Who Doesn’t Live in the Middle

We are a community of people who have been rescued from every kind of sin symptom imaginable, we have been recipients of His grace, and ...

Stewarding the Life of a Shepherd

We are called to know well the condition of our flock. As Christians our job is to care for those that are here, through them as they're ...

Dangers of Spiritual Complacency

Too easily we become complacent, letting our priorities drift, however it is important that we identify when we've become complacent and ...

Christmas Eve

Many people know the Christmas story, but they don't have a Christmas story. All of us have things we go back and think about that remind ...

All the Church Wants for You is What Christ Wants

Our goal is to not let your money get you, it's a myth that all the church wants is your money. You are the church, God wants you to live ...