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Interfaith Voices Podcast (hour-long version)

Interfaith Voices Podcast (hour-long Version)

Interfaith Voices provides engaging and informative discussion on the key public issues of our day through the lenses of many different ...

Worker Rights in the 1930s, When Catholic Morals Controlled Hollywood, and More

Seventy-five years after the minimum wage was created, the moral debate hasn't changed. And while you watch the Oscars, let's remember the ...

The Moral Lives of Primates, Writing Letters as a Spiritual Practice, and More

A primatologist argues we can trace values like empathy, justice and cooperation all the way back to our animal ancestors. And Amy and ...

Divide Over Doctrine in the Catholic Church, Passing Faith Through Families, and More

A poll reinforces the huge gap between what the Vatican teaches and what Catholics practice on social issues how faith is passed down ...

On Being Russian Orthodox, Sex Abuse in Zen Buddhism, and More

Why Russian Orthodoxy = Russian patriotism Eido Shimano the 'Zen predator' of New York and Roshi Bernie Glassman on socially-engaged ...

New Files Reveal Decades of Priest Abuse, A Former Altar Boy's Story, and More

A history of child abuse charges, told through memos and faxes the Archdiocese of Chicago responds and ten books of the Bible that didn't ...

Does Religion Fuel Violence? The Mystique of Amish Romance Novels, and More

Why most quotholy warsquot are really about the same earthly matters we've always fought over money and power. Later, the allure of Amish ...

Sister Joan Chittister on Aging Gracefully, Einstein's God, and More

Finding new meaning in the last third of life William Lobdell how reporting on religion made me lose my faith and Einstein's vision of God

Positive Thinking, The Sacrament of Smoking Weed, and More

A new book investigates the law of attraction - the idea that thoughts create reality the prayer life of Martin Luther King Jr. and the ...

Reza Aslan on Jesus the 'Zealot,' Advice from the Spirit World, And More

In the weeks since Aslan's infamous interview for Fox News, it's a special rebroadcast of his more civil interview with us on the ...

2013: The Year of Pope Francis

The top religion news stories of 2013, and how Pope Francis is re-branding the Catholic Church

God and Government: Egypt Edition, Shariah Law, And More

Whose brand of Islam will prevail in the new Egypt And a look at shariah law, the Islamic legal code

The Divine Universe: Leonard Nimoy, E.T.s, and Physicist Brian Greene

How Judaism inspired Leonard Nimoy including his Vulcan hand salute, the spiritual implications of finding E.T.s, and Brian Greene on ...