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Dorktown Podcast

Dorktown Podcast

A dorked up local-humor podcast that likes to talk Fresno, CRAFT BEER, metal, Star Wars, play local music and interview Fresno celebs like ...

Dorks About Strange Vine - Dorktown #159

So happy to have Strange Vine in studio. Truly a special episode for Dorktown and we hope you like it as much as us.We get Ian and Toby to ...

I Want To Get Dorky Tonight: Dorktown #158

We dorkcast about such things asStop it with the Facebook lookbacks already.A tiny tribute to 'Brendt' from Big Lebowski.Dorktline ...

May The Force Be Inside You - Dorktown #157

Dorks return to podcast aboutThe glorious Munchies On Wheels.Bells likes Tool.Beer talk.FOR IT OR AGAINITStrange Vine is playing Noise ...

Regretable Drunk Dork Texting - Dorktown #156

Too much drinking of beer on NYE leads to Mikey regretting some late night video texts. After a awkward start to a new year of podcasting, ...

We Are The Leader Of The Losers - Dorktown Podcast #155

Podcast beefs. We talk about how fun they are to listen to and watch on Twitter.Adam Carrola. He came to Fresno and there was a epic fail ...

Are Dorks 'Metal'? - Dorktown Podcast 154

Finally. Finally Dorktown's longest running listener, Reid May, joins Dorktown from the East Coast. We talk the history or Fresno ...

We Slice This Shiz Right In Front Of You - Dorktown Podcast 153

We scramble-f'ed everyone's dork heads.BREAKING CLOVIS NEWSEmpty condoms.There are no more video stores.We all need a cool donut shop.MUSIC ...

BACKFEED - Episode 1: Eff Buzzfeed

We call this experiment Backfeed. It's not a Dorktown. It's something to fill the time until there is a new Dorktown. It's something we did ...

Touch Me I'm Dork - Dorktown #152

Taint fading and drunk calls. That's what this Dorktown has. It also has.. A 'Singles' reference.Fluffing.'Gravity' LuminosityDrunk ...

Haunted Dorkland - Dorktown #151 - Halloween Speciallll

Michael Banti from returns to talk Disneyland hauntings, UFOs in the Central Valley, Bigfoot bullshit, Star Wars invading ...

A Mild Violation - Dorktown Podcast #150

In 150 there's a little bit of remembering of some Dorktown moments over the years. Also there's talk 70s TV, the Red Frank Doll, a 'live' ...

Pumping Full Of Babies - Dorktown Podcast #149

Favorite amongst kick ass people, Kaleb from Actress and Light Thieves, comes back to be funny as hells and pump up FUSE Fest. This episode ...