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The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy

A late-ramen binge and an encounter with a self-proclaimed deity of matrimony lead a young man to flash back to his transformation from a ...

The End of the 4.5 Tatami Age (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 11

The angst-ridden narrator becomes lost in a maze of 4.5 Tatami rooms as he searches for what lingers just out of reach. Will he finally ...

The 4.5 Tatami Ideologue (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 10

An unusual young man with no interest in the outside world tries to survive the college experience by refusing to step foot outside his ...

Secret Society Lucky Cat Chinese Restaurant (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 9

Membership has its privileges, but not for an unsuspecting college student forcibly initiated into the Secret Society Lucky Cat Chinese ...

Reading Circle Sea (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 8

A name scrawled inside a hand novel leads to a romantic exchange of letters, but the storybook ending takes a bizarre turn when the two ...

Hero Show Association (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 7

Everyone falls in love at least once during college, but not everyone severs all connections with actual humans in favor of an illicit ...

English Conversation Circle (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 6

When a young man seeks romance and adventure by joining the campus foreign language club, he finds himself caught in a bizarre love ...

Softball Circle Honwaka (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 5

The Softball Club, with its ample supply of tanned and toned female members, seems like the perfect place for a lonely boy to find ...

Disciples Wanted (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 4

A lowly college student seeking more out of life signs on as a disciple to a madman who's wanted by the library police. His first ...

Cycling Club Soleil (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 3

After the campus cleanup crew confiscates his state-of-the-art bicycle, a college misfit trades his wheels for some wings in an attempt to ...

Movie Circle Misogi (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 2

The not-so-lovable loser and his misanthropic sidekick Ozu use hidden cameras in an attempt to overthrow the head of the campus movie ...

Tennis Circle Cupid (Full Episode) Season 1, Episode 1

A college dropout in search of ramen crosses paths with a self-proclaimed deity of matrimony. This bizarre meeting sends the young man ...